Does Jason Colodne Really Know Harrison Ford?

For many Hollywood movie producers, getting a big-name actor to appear in their movie is only a dream. But for those who persevere and gain a reputation within industry circles as producers who have the Midas touch, it becomes more and more common for their projects to be sought out by some of Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses. In the case of Jason Colodne, his career as a financial services entrepreneur and Hollywood movie producer have intertwined in many ways. Best of all, he has made many great friends over the years, including Harrison Ford.

Producing such Hollywood hits as Act of Valor, Earth to Echo, and Brick Mansions, Jason Colodne has positioned himself as one of Hollywood’s most efficient and effective producers. Thus, when the film project Paranoia was being discussed, many well-known actors came up as possibilities for the leading man role. Yet when making the final decision, Jason knew Harrison Ford was the only man for the part. As luck would have it, Harrison felt the same way, and the result was yet another blockbuster hit for producer and actor. See more at

While he has achieved high levels of fame in Hollywood, Jason Colodne actually got his start far, far away from the West Coast icon. Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Jason chose to begin his career in financial services by working with many different firms. In doing so, it allowed him to learn many facets of the business, which would go on to serve him well in the coming years.

In 2009, after working for others at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, Jason Colodne decided the time was right for him to begin life anew as an entrepreneur. Thus, with his partners and an incredible amount of motivation, he co-founded and became a managing partner of Colbeck Capital Management. With his new company, Jason became involved in many of the day-to-day operations, but eventually began to focus mostly on portfolio management, investment analysis transactions, and documentation of investment strategies.

Now that he has achieved tremendous success as an entrepreneur and movie producer, more people than ever are wanting to know just how Jason was able to do so much in such a short period of time. Thus, he is always finding himself giving speeches and informal talks to various business organizations around the United States. Whether speaking to enthusiastic college students, prospective entrepreneurs, or other groups, Jason always brings a level of enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience that is impossible to match.

As his success continues to build, Jason Colodne has also chose to help others who are in need in a variety of ways. For example, as a committee member of the Children’s Tumor Foundation, he not only plays a prominent role in business decisions, but also gives encouragement to families and their children. Along with his work in this organization, he also gives much time to the Centurion Foundation, which also tackles many important issues that are critical to the future success of individuals and families. Visit: