Protect Your Business Via Employment Law

Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent New York City lawyer, has worked closely with some of the biggest brands in the United States. This includes handling some of the largest transaction of the past decade. Goldstein has worked closely with Bank of America, South African Breweries, AT&T Corporation, Verizon Wireless, Merck, Duke Energy, Dow Chemical Company, J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and many more. “I’m very passionate about the rights and interests of my clients,” said Goldstein. In other words, this man provides legal counseling and representation. One of his specific areas of expertise is known as non-compete agreements. Since certain business sectors are highly competitive, the employees of these companies tend to switch from location to location. Non-compete agreements provides a form of protection in a sense. Employees who fall under this agreement must wait for a specific amount of time before he or she can work for a competitor. This type of agreement gives the employer certain rights to help them fill the void with a new employee.


These type of agreements must be drafted in a way that isn’t too restrictive while safeguarding the interests of a business. Non-compete agreements are also known as restrictive covenants. Attorney Jeremy Goldstein is well-educated in the subject at hand. This man has numerous degrees, including a J.D. from New York University as well as an M.A. from Cornell University. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is the name of his very own law firm in New York. This law firm specializes in advisory services for businesses, compensation committees, CEOs and management teams. “I provide beneficial advise about my clients’ interests, careers and pay rate,” said Goldstein. Conflicts of interest are always happening in the business world, and corporate governance provides a form of safety for the employer.


Goldstein has also stated that there are no short cuts in this specific line of work. Taking on these particular cases can be draining while consuming large amounts of time. Goldstein stated that “should I accept these jobs, and how will it affect my family’s life?” All in all, Jeremy Goldstein is simply winning in this dynamic field, and he will continue to set new trends in corporate governance.


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