Cotemar Mexico: The hero behind the silent petroleum revolution in Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is more than a Mexican company. It is the protagonist behind the silent petroleum revolution in Mexico. This has made a huge contribution to the oil & gas industry in the country and abroad with its impeccable service quality on and standards along with a wide variety of services.

Cotemar Mexico was established in 1979 as S.A. de C.V in Mexico that had a specific goal of developing the oil sector in the country with its support services on The company provides a wide array of services to the Mexican oil industry, and its services include but do not include to Accommodation and Catering, Specialized Maritime Vessels Services as well as Construction, Maintenance, and Engineering services to develop and sustain oil fields in the sea. Cotemar Mexico played a vital role in the success of PEMEX in their offshore oil field development projects through their specialized vessels. In addition to developing and supporting petroleum operations in the country, Cotemar Mexico also provides services to a number of oil giants around the globe. Hence, this 100% Mexican company is truly a global leader.

Since its inception, Cotemar Mexico was driven by its core values derived from its mission and vision aimed at providing state of the art services to the oil and gas productions process at a global level and ensure sustainability through increased participation in the production process on This is why; this company has developed a massive infrastructure with a huge pool of skilled manpower to support each and every requirement of the offshore oil and gas sector. In addition to building and maintaining oil and gas extractions platforms in the sea, the company also provides specialized vessel services including transport of staff and equipment.  In addition to these, they have a huge network of suppliers across the globe through which the company provides all sorts of support services to a number of global scale projects.

Cotemar Mexico has always focused on ensuring sustainability in every aspect of its operation at  For the same purpose, the company has built up a massive workforce who are highly skilled and experienced in their profession. Also, they are always focusing on developing a workforce in different fortes including engineering, catering, project management, administrative and much more. Working in Cotemar Mexico is truly a great opportunity for the staff as they get to work in a challenging and rewarding environment at the same time.