Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Continues To Dominate The Energy Sector

Looking back at the life of Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, one sees the business leader was always destined for a place in the energy sector. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Betancourt Lopez has a family history of achieving success in the energy sector whether they were working as business leaders or leading politicians. Among the impressive ancestors of Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was his Great-Grandfather who was the President of Venezuela when electricity was brought to much of the nation.

This is not to say, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has limited himself to a single area of business since he left the Suffolk University of Massachusetts in the U.S. The business leader has made some interesting contacts during his career and has sought to work with as many partners as possible over the course of his career. In the last few years, Betancourt Lopez has been working to build on the success he has seen as the head of O’Hara Investments with partners from the social media platform, Tuenti. The collaboration between the private equity firm and the founders of Tuenti brought about the ability to purchase the Spanish sunglasses company, Hawkers.

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In general, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is best known as a business leader capable of finding new ways of working in the energy sector across Latin America. As an energy sectr5o specialist, the business leader has been at the head of the Derwick investment group that specializes in the production of power plants across the Americas. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has spent much of his career in the energy sector working to build a better power grid across Central and South America.

Not only does Betancourt Lopez seek to build new power plants across the Americas, but he is also looking to find new sources of success for the oil and gas production industries through his Pacific Exploration and Production brand. The company has been working to establish new sources of oil and natural gas across the Central and South American regions.

Agera Energy is the Top Provider in the US

There are two different ways to become a user of Agera Energy’s power supply. Furthermore, there are an unlimited number of different options to keep more cash in your accounts at the end of the day when you sign up with Agera Energy.

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Cotemar: From Accommodation Company to Oil Company

Cotemar has humble beginnings. These have helped the company to be able to keep a vision in mind when they are doing their oil drilling services. They have also been able to get more out of the process than other companies because they did not start out as an oil company. Instead, they started out as an accommodation company for people who wanted to be on the ocean. They have used these principles to help with the oil rigs that they have and to take care of the people who are working on the rigs. Their accommodations are hotel-like because of everything that they have to offer.


When Cotemar first started in the 1970s, they functioned as somewhat of a floating hotel. This was not uncommon during that time and they were very successful with everything that they did during that time. They wanted to make their company better and even larger than what it was so that they would be able to provide everything that people needed while they were on the water and while they were close to the ocean in the area of Mexico from which they operated. This drive helped them to make sure that they were doing more and growing.


As Cotemar began to grow, they added more ships to their fleet. These ships were specialized for diving, maintenance and many other purposes. Cotemar recognized that they had something special in these technology-driven ships that were much better than any other ships that were out in the ocean at that time. At this point, they decided that they would be able to use them for purposes other than just floating hotels. They wanted to expand and become a bigger company. Cotemar realized that the oil industry was perfect because they already had the infrastructure to support that type of business.


While Cotemar first worked with other companies, they were just learning what they needed to know about the oil industry. It was a great opportunity that they had. From there, they began working on creating their own rigs. These were specialized and they were made for the most efficiency in the oil field. Since then, they have been operating as a successful oil company and drilling while also providing nice accommodations for all of the people who work with them. These opportunities have given them the chance to do more with their business than other oil companies.

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