Securus Technologies Helps Correctional Facilities

Companies have long wanted to find out what was the secret to success in business. Over the years, many models and systems have come out. Some “experts” say the key to success is networking. Other “experts,” say it is a strong foundation. Still, other “experts,” say it is monopolizing the field. The truth, however, is much simpler. The key to a successfully business is creating a product that meets the needs of the consumers.


Recently a business model has emerged that takes this philosophy to another level; social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is the belief that business can make more profit by solving an evil that exists in the world. Securus Technologies is a follower of this philosophy.


Those leading Securus Technologies were appalled by the reports from correctional facilities on the pervasiveness of inmate on inmate crime. After discussing this issue together, they concluded that dealing with this evil is what they were called to do.


As those at Securus Technologies researched this problem, they came to discover that it only recently has become so pervasive. Yes, inmate on inmate crime has always existed, but not at these rates. What changed? Securus Technologies discovered that these contraband cell phones were the main tool inmates used to plan attacks on one another.


Securus Technologies decided that to decrease inmate on inmate crime they would have to target cell phones. They did this with three products. Their first product was “Cell Defender,” and it allowed them to pinpoint the use of cell phones within correctional facilities. Their second product allows them to remotely access and views an inmate’s phone. This often yields important information to stop imminent attacks. Lastly, their third product. “Wireless Containment Solutions” blocks these phones from Wifi. This prevents inmates from using Facebook to plan their brutal crimes.