Tammy Mazzocco is Great At Selling Homes

Tammy Mazzocco got her start in the real estate business as a secretary for a commercial real estate company. She continued in this type of position for a few years until she saw that her opportunities from a financial standpoint were better in the sales end of the business.

She got started with friend and mentor Judy Gang of the Judy Gang Team at RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio. Pickerington is just SouthEast of Columbus Ohio. Tammy works in the town of Pickerington and the four surrounding counties, a population of roughly 2 million people.

One of the greatest pleasures that Tammy Mazzocco receives from her profession is the gratification that she is helping families find their dream homes through her efforts. She possesses knowledge that they do not have, and those are the pieces of information that make her unique to her customers. Not only is she able to come up with homes that are not always on the multi-list pages, but she has infinite knowledge about the things that buyers want to know about.

Things like where the best financing and insurance are available, local shopping, schools, entertainment, and communities and other perks that are important are what buyers want to know more about.

Tammy also realizes that home buyers are in a bit of a bind from a geographical and a financial viewpoint as well. They are really out of their comfort zones, and it is her job to bring them back to equilibrium in those areas. People buy houses from realtors that they like and trust, but also from those realtors who can show them the home and neighborhoods that they want.

Tammy is a goal setter, both for herself and her clients. She sets the goals and then breaks them down into smaller action steps. These way things get accomplished for her and her clients in a meaningful way.