EOS Lip Balms Celebrate A Decade of Healthy Lips

EOS is celebrating their 10 year anniversary, and I couldn’t be more excited! Now through October, they are introducing 35 new products! EOS Lip Balms are an essential for chapped lips, and they really changed the game for many people. There are so many flavors and different types. Just to name a few, flavors include Strawberry Sorbet, Sheer Pink, Cooling chamomile, Sweet Mint, and Lemon Twist.

I know I stated all of these balms were different, but every EOS Lip Balm does have one thing in common, and that is that all of them are 100% Natural! The two main ingredients of EOS Lips Balms are shea butter and jojoba oil, and they both are miracle workers when it comes to dry skin. The 100% Natural Shae Lip Balm that EOS makes is amazing at hydrating lips for hours upon application.

These lip balms are also paraben-free and do not contain petroleum, which means that the ingredients are really going to absorb into your lips. Unlike other Lip Balms on the market, EOS knows that petroleum isn’t going to soak into your skin. Say goodbye to chapped lips and say hello to soft and smooth! Thank you EOS for caring!

Tim Ioaanides Gives Insights on the Importance of Vitamin D on the Skin

Tim Ioannides is a dedicated medical dermatologist and a skin care expert who serves as the founder and CEO of Treasure Coast Dermatological Clinics. Treasure Coast Clinics are a chain of skin care clinics that are spread in the Treasure Coast region. Ioannides established Treasure Coast to provide treatment and care to people with skin conditions.

Skin conditions according to Tim Ioannides may result from internal body factors such as the inability of the body to synthesize vitamin D. Once affected by a skin condition Dr. Ioannides advises people to immediately seek help from a professional as the condition may be a sign that you need to improve your general health. Skin conditions also can lower person self-esteem and may ruin your relationship with others who out of fear of being infected may stay away from you, or you may inadvertently end up shutting them out. However, all is not lost once affected by a skin condition as there are treatments options available from skin care experts like Tim Ioannides.

There are many types of skin conditions, but the most common ones, according to Dr. Tim Ioannides, are psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and other inflammatory conditions, among others. According to Ioannides, there is one particular supplement that is good for people with skin conditions and is known as Vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D has much significance in the human body, and they include strengthening of bones and teeth, support the overall immune system and boost the health of the brain as well as the nervous system. Vitamin D also plays a very crucial role in treating skin condition such as intractable psoriasis and eczema, among others, says Ioannides.

Ioannides recommends to his patients to bask in the sun every day for at least 10-15 minutes. The sun is one of the sources of vitamin D, and others can be found from the foods we take. If a patient still has inadequate vitamin D, there are supplements available at affordable prices in drug stores.

For details: angel.co/tim-ioannides

Have A Younger Look With Genucel Under Eye Treatment Cream

Millions of women and men are constantly trying products that are claiming to get rid of bags under the eyes with no real success. Genucel is a new phenomenon formulated from Chamonix. It is an under eye treatment for puffiness and those unsightly bags. It has been tested and proven to work in over ninety five percent of all cases studied. It greatly reduced the appearance of bags and puffiness in as little as fifteen days. Genucel contains the natural peptide, Eyesery which is a well known eye puffiness reducer.


Genucel uses a plant stem cell technology. Other ingredients include the Malus Domestica plant stem cells that will help promote a healthy, youthful appearance around the eyes. This plant is a rare Swiss apple species. You could have a younger looking face in two weeks after using this amazing product. Just apply it under and around the eye twice a day, and watch the puffiness fade away to reveal perfectly smoother under eyes. For increased noticeable results, Genucel contains double the concentrations of peptides used in this remarkable under eye treatment. This treatment is ideal for men and women of all ages, skin types, and skin tones.

Genucel keeps aging skin firm and strengthened with the use of antioxidants. It reduces bags under and around the eye and also helps droopy eyelids. No other cream has claimed to take care of all of these eye problems, nor have they worked. Genucel also has a skin spot corrector cream and an eyelid treatment cream. When you order the fabulous under eye treatment cream, you will receive the sunspot corrector and eyelid treatment cream as your free gifts for trying the product. These two products get rid of marks and scars and will lift the eyelid back up for a natural appearance.