Tim Ioannides Shares His Insights on Dermatology

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist that runs his cosmetic specific clinic. He started his career working at a dermatological clinic under supervision. While working there, he realized the importance of cosmetic procedures in the lives of the clients. Most patients that visited the clinic did not seek medical treatment.

Most of them wanted cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance or conceal blemishes. He realized that cosmetic procedures were crucial in the market today and decided to venture into the business. At first, he combined both cosmetic procedures and general treatment to keep the business afloat, but he, later on, specialized in cosmetics. Giving people the appearance they wish to portray gives them confidence and even gets them accepted in society.

why he started Treasure Coast Dermatology

After founding Treasure Coast Dermatology, Tim Ioannides invested his time and effort into making sure that the company took off. After many years of diligent work and effort, the dermatological clinic is now successfully running. In a recent interview, Tim Ioannides shared his reasons for starting an independent practice as opposed to joining one that is already in existence. He explained that he enjoyed dermatology to help patients that struggled with skin cancer find the best care. After working in the field for a few years, he realized that he did more cosmetic procedures than medical procedures. He concluded that he would not be truly fulfilled if he did not pursue the market niche that was at the core of dermatology.

When asked how his professional background affected his role as the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, he replied that entrepreneurship and medicine had many things in common. Both fields required precision in decision-making, and there was limited room for error. He found that the two fields we codependent and his experience in medicine created a firm foundation for the foundation of Treasure Coats Dermatology.

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Article Title: Roseann Bennett: Utilizing The Powerful Benefits Of Canine-Assisted Therapy

Article Text:

Roseann Bennett is a woman who is best described by her peers as being extremely devoted and passionate about fulfilling philanthropic objectives as a family and marriage therapist. Over the span of her 10+ years of professional experience, Bennett not only managed to go above and beyond her duties as an in home family therapist for Contextual Family Services and Cambridge Behavioral Health, but she too accomplished the entrepreneurial feat of establishing her own mental health treatment facility. In attempt to combat the underlying societal issue regarding the deprivation of quality mental health treatment for low-income individuals, Roseann Bennett co-founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2009. Based out of Hackettstown, New Jersey, the Center for Assessment and Treatment is a charitable facility that runs mental health programs that have assisted thousands of members within the community. As part of the facility’s open door policy, no individual (regardless of class or background) is to be turned away from receiving some type of mental health treatment.

Moreover, as Executive Director of her own treatment facility, Bennett continuously strives to formulate and incorporate innovative treatment methods into the services provided at her center. As of recently, Bennett decided to introduce canine-assisted therapy to clients at the facility. According to Bennett, she initially came up with the idea to administer canine-assisted therapy to clients after witnessing the calming effect that it had upon younger children and how the dogs made them feel comfortable enough to express themselves. After introducing Jack (Bennett’s therapy dog) to the team, Bennett was able to take note of the emotional management abilities (provisional love and affection) that canine therapy had upon people. Furthermore, as stated by Bennett, there are many people who can benefit from the utilization of canine-assisted therapy like children with autism, children who suffer from anxiety, people who are depressed, individuals who are suffering from loneliness, and even those who have undergone traumatic experiences within their lives.

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