Chainsmokers Debut Latest Song During Live Performance

Along with featured performer Emily Warren, The Chainsmokers dropped a new song on July 28th called “Side Effects”. They debuted this song at a concert they held in Atlantic City and it was almost exactly two years after one of their most popular songs, “Closer”, had been released. This song is an upbeat one as it was a summer release, rather than being similar to some of the darker songs they have been releasing recently.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, the duo forming The Chainsmokers, sat down for an interview a few days after this song was released. They started out talking about a recent performance they did in their own backyard, the Hollywood Palladium. They said it was a great show in no small part because some of their friends were in the audience. They said it was also a nice change of pace as they have been working in a Las Vegas club every weekend for a while now.

Alex Pall talked about working with Emily Warren. They have used her singing talent in a number of songs they have released in the past five years, including some of their earliest ones. He started out joking that they only use her because she has dirt on them. He then said that she is one of his and Drew’s favorite people and she does a great job on their songs. He is hoping that more people learn about her and what she brings to the table.

They have released a number of singles since the beginning of 2018. Their first song of the year was “Sick Boy”, which debuted on January 17th. This was followed up a month later by “You Owe Me”. In March they released another song, “Everybody Hates Me”, while performing in Prague. The last song they released before “Side Effects” was “Somebody” which was released on April 28th.

The Chainsmokers first studio album was “Memories…Do Not Open”, which came out in April 2017. They are now working on their second studio album which they haven’t set a date on when it will be released.

YouTuber Kim Dao Gives Suggestions for Visitors to Osaka

A first time visitor to Japan can be overwhelmed by all of the things to do. Luckily, YouTuber Kim Dao created a video with 50 suggestions for things to do if you’re visiting Osaka, Japan. Learn more:


Kim Dao provides several suggestions places to shop in Osaka. Take a walk through the underground shopping malls called Umeda and Namba. There are a variety of stores and places to buy food in these shopping malls, and be sure to try neko no te, a treat shaped like a cat’s paw, in Umeda.


Food and novelty go hand in hand in Japan, and Kim Dao suggests trying a fish shaped cake at her host family’s store at Mikugi Station. The delicious cake is filled with either custard or red bean paste. Learn more:


Be sure to check out Osaka Castle, one of the most famous landmarks in the city. On a hot summer day, you can get shaved ice before or after your visit to the castle. You can also check out the aquarium called Osaka Kaiyukan or take a visit to Universal Studios Japan, Kim Dao’s favorite theme park in the country.


Kyoto is a short train ride from Osaka, and Kim Dao provides plenty of suggestions for entertainment there as well as in Kyoto. Gion, temples, and special foods to try are all on her list.


Japan is a wonderful place to visit. If you plan on visiting Osaka, be sure to check out Kim Dao’s 50 suggestions for things to do.