ClassDojo App Goes Beyond Just Collaborating Activities

It is that time of year again, kids are starting to get back into the everyday school routine after their long summer break. This year, things might seem a little different in the classroom, especially if your child’s teacher has decided to integrate the ClassDojo app as part of the children’s daily learning routine.

This app is a communication platform for school that can be used both in and out of the classroom by the students, teachers, and even the students family to help make a difference in the way the student is learning and socializing. The ClassDojo app goes beyond just collaborating activities and making fun animated videos, the possibilities are endless as to everything that ClassDojo offers.

Created in 2011, ClassDojo’s purpose is to give teachers a different way to engage their students along with their families. The app uses the steps of traditional learning along with encouraging some new ideas and helping to create a new energy in the classroom that will make learning fun for children.

The company’s even has a new revenue- generating app called Beyond School. Beyond School is able to be purchased by parents for some at-home access to their child’s educational content along with activities that will take learning beyond the classroom.

About ClassDojo: