Cone Marshall strategies to Reinforce Estate And Tax Laws

Cone Marshall is a law firm that was founded in 1999 and located in Auckland, New Zealand. The firm is known for sorting out issues in estate and tax related cases brought forward to them by lawyers and companies in need. Their reputation has grown substantially throughout the years they have been in business.

Two well-experienced experts head Cone Marshall and so far stands to be the biggest advocate firm when dealing with tax laws and other cases. Their online history elaborates how they have served clients from different places hence ranked as one of the best internationally.



Leadership is one of the characteristics that has stood out with this firm. The tactic is well portrayed by the two experts whose previous careers proves success and competence. In 2015, Karen Marshall joined cone Marshall to establish the firm, and they both take pride in being in the legal industry for 15 years. Previously she has been practicing commercial litigation for ten years

Karen Marshall has worked with Cone Marshall since 2005. Her hard work and dedication have helped her grow to be the principal of the firm in 2006 which is a position she still holds. She advises licensed trustee companies and the much knowledge she has gained has been key to the success of Cone Marshall.

Geoffrey Cone who brings great experience in the firm has worked on tax law matters since 1980. He has done international tax planning as well as trust and is knowledgeable in management services which have come in handy when dealing with general estate cases in the firm.

Geoffrey has been labeled as a skilled lawyer in matters relating to tax and this ought to be a motivating aspect to young practicing lawyers. The rise in the number of cases on foreign trust has forced Cone Marshall to enhance its systems to make sure all cases brought forward to them are handled professionally and delivered on a timely basis.


More about Cone Marshall

Since 1999, Cone Marshall’s services have always been among the best. It’s one of the few firms practicing law that are perfect in dealing with matters relating to foreign trust as well as tax laws. Being comprised of the reliable and well-experienced team, Cone Marshall has propelled the firm to reach international status. It has also turned out to be among the top established firms dealing with tax laws as well as property management.


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