Dashing To The Finish Line With Darien Dash

Darien Dash is the Chief Executive Officer for The Movement Management Firm. He is also the founder of the company. The entrepreneur first created his own business as a freshman in college. This first endeavor would be a record label that had immediate success; and created a platform for future dealings. Within two decades of entering college, Darien Dash had established himself as the go-to person for digital marketing and internet strategies. His most recent venture is The Movement Management Firm. The company specializes in business strategies and financial guidance; in industries such as sports, entertainment, and market capital.

The concept for his company comes from his long history of advising CEOs, professional athletes, and the marketing industry. Dash felt that it was the natural progression of his career to create his own firm. Much of the marketing expert’s day-to-day operations over the last 15 years has been influencing and teaching; so he created a company to duplicate his efforts. The average day for Darien Dash starts early. In a recent interview, he states that his phone begins ringing at 7 AM, and doesn’t stop ringing until 10 PM at night. He also praises his solid team of staff; because they are vital to the execution of company goals.

One thing that Darien Dash prides himself on is being in a position to help anyone who needs it. This is evident through his client population. Some of his clients are in the very early stages of their careers, and others have been around for a while. He states that the company has grown over the years with it’s clients; so the process has been organic. To know more about Darien visit bloomberg.com

One thing that the marketing expert has noticed a change in has been the increase of African American executives and female entrepreneurs. Dash mentions that when he first started out, minorities were not the biggest population in terms of business CEOs and executives. This influx of black-owned businesses and female leaders has done marvelous things; to many industries, he expresses. Ownership and accountability are key components in The Movement Management Firm. Darien Dash keeps a busy schedule, but offers advice and help whenever he can.