Glenn Schlossberg: Research And Hard Work Are Important In Fashion

Glenn Schlossberg knows that hard work is important and one of the main reasons he has found such success in the fashion industry. He founded the fashion company that produces clothing for Bebe, Macy’s, and many other brands known as Jump Design Group. Since the company was founded by Glenn Schlossberg in 1990, it has been devoted to producing high-quality fashions in an efficient way that allows them to keep up with all of the latest styles and trends. His company has grown into a leader in the world of fashion.

One of the lessons that Glenn Schlossberg has learned over the years in fashion is that it requires a lot of hard work but can be worth it. It takes a lot of dedication and research to stay relevant and he is willing to invest what he needs to in order to stay on top of the game. As a child, he had the opportunity to learn a lot about the world of fashion while working in his father’s factory that produced clothing. From a young age, Glenn Schlossberg learned that efficiency was important along with quality.

While Glenn Schlossberg initially attended college for a semester, he quickly realized that it wasn’t for him and decided to work for his father’s factory instead. He performed many different jobs within the company and realized that he was good at it. He wrote up a business plan with the help of his wife who graduated from Cornell with an MBA. They were able to get the financing that they needed to found Jump Design Group. Glenn Schlossberg had already built up valuable connections with retailers from the work that he did with his father’s company that proved important when starting his own business.

Along with his pursuits in business, Glenn Schlossberg is involved in different charitable actions. He works with inner-city children in order to show them the importance of entrepreneurship and gives them important tips on how to make it in the business world. In addition, he has made sizeable donations to the Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation.

While Schlossberg tries to utilize domestic labor and materials, he travels to Asia to get ideas on how to produce clothing more efficiently. He also travels to fashion hubs like London to learn about the latest trends. He spends a lot of his life traveling and the hard work is all worth it. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit