Greg Blatt Worked In Many Positions And Helped Match Grow Greatly

Greg Blatt got involved in entertainment law because he was interested in that industry and had written screenplays and a novel and thought it might help him break into it. One of his biggest clients was Martha Stewart and when she took her company public, he was asked to go with her. He took the opportunity to serve on the general counsel for her company and came to enjoy that kind of position.

After several years of working for Martha Stewart’s company, Greg Blatt took a new position with a small dating service. At the time, dating services weren’t that popular but he knew that they could be and he worked hard with his company to make it succeed. He helped it grow greatly by hiring the right people to work under him and bring all of his ideas for it to life. He has always been willing to ask questions to learn and become more innovative and that has helped Match grow.

Greg Blatt has served in many executive roles throughout his career. He got his education at two schools, Colgate University, where he studied economics, English language, and literature, and Columbia Law School, where he got his law degree.

He has served in role a role as an executive vice president, CEO, and more, for the various companies that he has worked for over the years. He previously worked in law and before, he that was a bartender and worked in some random positions while he tried to figure out his career path.

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