Grupo RBS Grows Into A Fully-Functioning Brazilian Media Corporation

The development of the Grupo RBS brand has been ongoing since 1957 when Radio Gaucho was established and would later become the first of a total of 24 radio stations operated across the southern portion of Brazil. In Brazil, the Grupo RBS brand has become well known as one of the leading news services in the nation with the nine newspapers the brand operates employing more than 6,000 journalists and staff members. The company has had a dramatic growth and remains one of the best-loved and most historic media groups still in operation across Brazil.

The Grupo RBS brand is one of the most impressive and well known in the nation of Brazil for the high level of competence the company has develope din all areas of the media and newsgathering. The media sector has been developing for more than half a century in Brazil with the brand developing a presence across a range of areas of interest in the news and media sector. The first newspaper was purchased by what is now Grupo RBS just a decade after the creation of the brand with its first radio station in 1957. To know more about RBS visit

In the last few years, the way the news is gathered and delivered to the public in Brazil has changed and evolved to include a range of successful options that include digital content. The Grupo RBS media brand remains at the heart of the newspaper industry but the latest Chairperson of the brand, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer believes the delivery of news can be streamlined for the future. From the humble beginnings of a single radio station, a TV station, and a newspaper, the RBS brand has become a global media delivery service. The brand retains its roots in the southern portion of Brazil where it maintains the majority of its business interests but the impact of the media brand has been national and international in scale. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been looking outside Brazil for its success in the last decade.