Gustavo Martinez, a World-Leader in the Field of Advertising

It is said that Gustavo Martinez was the ad man, most notable, in the 20th century. To this day he continues to give his creative insights. He is proud that some of his first gigs include Price Waterhouse and Henkel. His superiors were quick to learn that this man offered significant talent.


Gustavo Martinez was president of McCann World Group as well as Mather and Ogilvy. Perhaps his most important position was that of CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. The company is one of the most prestigious ad firms in the world.


Today Martinez is using his valuable expertise and became an entrepreneur. He has partnered with UV Business Acceleration. Their goal is to develop models for accelerating business growth. He looks at facts that state that nine out of 10 startups fail in less than three years of being in business. Martinez plans to change this trend. He says he is creating a bulletproof process which offers a process for complete marketing strategy optimization.


He explains that businesses have a number of things they do not know when first starting out. His system will reduce the trial and error to a minimum. This is because his company will provide expert insight resulting from decades of hands-on experience in the field of advertising. He believes that the product is the advertising. This results in traditional forms of advertising, such as TV, web ads, and print not being as effective – as the story the product itself is able to tell.


Gustavo Martinez believes that user experience is the key in today’s marketing environment. Functionality and technology design offer a major role in the way consumers interact with products. A number of startups fail to see the crucial data that can be taken from analytics. In years-gone-by startups used the trial and error approach. However, startups are becoming much more competitive every year. Today it is simply better to rely on tested and true techniques along with expert insight which is provided by credentialed, established consultants.


Gustavo wants to help startups, along with small companies and big enterprises to be successful with their marketing goals. He believes this can be accomplished in their marketing goals by utilizing a comprehensive system that frequently delivers success.


Today Gustavo Martinez is discovering he must be a team leader. He must join advertising with his distinct creativity. In order to do this he must find the top talent the industry has to offer. Then it is imperative he maintains the morale in order to keep production up.


His team members offer the wide scope of ideas as well as creative solutions to all problems. This is a result of putting together the most diverse team available. He realizes that just motivation is not enough to produce the truly incredible results he demands in advertising. It is his job to keep his team totally inspired.


Gustavo Martinez is using all of the skills he has gathered through the years and he is sharing his knowledge to help startups to be successful the minute they open their doors.


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