How Experience In Marketing Helps Create A Good Consultant

Gustavo Martinez believes the sector of marketing is different than any other job because success depends on a person’s creative process. Martinez has proven his creativity and unique style has led to good marketing results. Martinez believes many creative people prefer their independence and freedom. He feels like a consultant he achieves the freedom to help his creativity. He feels working as a consultant offers flexibility. Martinez believes a person being recognized for good work will help motivate a person. He will attempt to match personnel with the work or campaigns individuals like.


Gustavo Martinez believes people should learn from their mistakes. He is always willing to learn to obtain the knowledge to meet challenges and make improvements. Martinez is a passionate individual who likes sharing his knowledge to individuals. He believes in new technology but some of the skills existing in the marketing sector should not be overlooked. He still believes it is important for individuals to be patient and willing to talk with other people regarding ideas. A person should be willing to learn ideas from other people. Martinez believes a person must be able to recognize the value in another individual. It will lead to success.


Gustavo Martinez utilizes his team to come up with ideas. He feels the diversity of his team along with his inspiration is what lead to good ideas. He is an active listener. He believes active listening allows him to hear people ideas and helps him be more productive. Martinez believes to succeed a person must identify the needs of their clients. Gustavo Martinez people must have good working environment that allows them to share ideas. He has a diversified team that helps with creating ideas. Point of views to a variety of ideas is heard. A person must be willing to listen.


Gustavo Martinez knows motivation and recognition will help people become successful. He feels its important to have a person recognized for accomplishments achieved. His over 35 years of experience has been able to obtain skills that he willing to share. He understands people should be always willing to improve and learn. Marketing changes and a person must be able to learn new techniques to help them achieve good results.

Gustavo Martinez believes people should be patient and be willing to learn from their mistakes. Martinez believes in a quote by Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts,” He believes the quote means the direction a person is going is more important than failure. He has shown that he is willing to spend $100 for dinner with family. Family is very important to Martinez. His work as a consultant had him involved with business acceleration. He was able to help startups make effective marketing campaigns. He shows startups the importance of analytics and how it will help maximize their marketing effort. Martinez has built trust with a work ethic and reputation he has built with years of experience. Many businesses understand he will provide an effort that will be near perfection.


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