How Isabel Dos Santos Became The Richest Woman In Africa

Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of a former president of Angola but she is popularly known for being the top richest woman in Africa. She is currently worth over $2.4 billion. She has been able to inspire numerous women and she is a living proof that being a woman does not stop you from being a successful businesswomen.

Early life and academic background

Isabel Dos Santos was born in Azerbaijan on April 1, 1973 by a Russian woman. The highly successful woman usually ascribes her massive success to her father’s stance on education. According to her, her father spared no expense to make sure that his children got top-notch education and she is the biggest beneficiary of the gesture. She attended Cobham Hall, a school in Kent, England. It was there that she built the foundation of her academic career and financial success. After graduating from the secondary school, she attended King’s College in London where she studied electrical engineering. She later met SindikaDokolo, while she was an undergraduate and they got married a few years after.

Business and investment

Her major position was that of a project manager engineer for a reputable group of companies. The project was to clean up the streets of Luanda. After that, she also modernized a trucking company with the use of walkie talkie in their daily operations. At that point, Isabel Dos Santos was just getting started. She also established a state-of-the-art nightclub on Luanda Island, making way for other businesses to spring up on the island. Her nightclub and the other organization on the Island gave employment to several Angolan youths. Isabel Dos Santos was able to invest in several other companies in Angola and Portugal.

One of them is the Portuguese Corporation Condis from which she used her 51 percent stake to develop a chain of retail stores in Angola. Other notable organizations where she invested heavily are BancoFomento De Angola (BFA Bank) and Nova Cimangola, a reputable cement company in Angola. She has her huge shares in ZON too. Apart from these, she has shares in many companies in Portugal. The best part is that she has a foundation where she provides for the needs of over 10,000 Angolan children and she encourages her employees to be as charitable as possible. Most importantly, Isabel Dos Santos noted that she enjoys huge support for her husband too.