Isn’t It Romantic Stars Rebel Wilson in a Pitch Perfect Reunion

It looks like Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine may become the next Hanks and Ryan or Sandler and Barrymore. The duo famously played opposite each other in Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy and Bumper respectively, and now they are set to star opposite each other once again in New Line Cinema’s Valentine’s Day offering Isn’t It Romantic. The film follows a “trapped in fantasy” story line that hilariously lampoon’s traditional rom-coms and the tropes that come with them. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

The main story revolves around an architect named Natalie. Once a huge fan of rom coms, Natalie has become jaded by the real world. After an unexpected tussle with a theif earns her a nasty bump on the head, Natalie wakes up inside the romantic comedies she watched as a child.

Her apartment is a mansion, she’s in full make-up and hair before waking up, and she has a closet full of clothes Carrie Bradshaw would gush over. Natalie even finds she has a token gay best friend to serve as her sidekick. The only thing missing is the hunky leading man who she literally runs into later.

Isn’t It Romantic has a lot of fun with the rom com genre. It delightfully skewers the picture perfect world such movies take place in with straight faced honesty. The film pulls out all the stops in spoofing trope after trope, while self-aware Natalie looks on in horror.

It is a perfect springboard from Rebel Wilson, who is making her leading lady debut in the film. She certainly has the comedic chops for the role and looks sublime playing the straight man.

The Aussie actress who is most famous for playing lively supporting roles made her stateside appearance in 2011’s Bridesmaids. Before that she had quite the career in her native Australia. Wilson made a memorable appearance as the character Bryn, but later on achieved national fame as fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. Now after two successful sequels and a smattering of great supporting roles in various films Wilson gets to test her leading character wings.

The film stars fellow Aussie Liam Hemsworth as Blake, a hunky client of Natalie’s that she begins an unexpected relationship with. His charm and wit is on full display as he woos a hesitant Natalie who cannot believe what is happening. As for LeVine, he stars as her best work friend but if the trailers are anything to go by it looks like he might become much more.

In typical rom com fashion it looks like the three may form a love triangle. Whether LeVine will play the unexpected true love that Natalie never knew she wanted is anyone’s guess, but the two certainly have already demonstrated great on screen chemistry.

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