It’s Not All About The Benjamins With JetSmarter’s Sergey Petrossov


And A Way He Goes  

In 2019, Sergey Petrossov has a business that is valued in the millions and millions of dollars. 10 years ago he took his first private jet flight and noted some problems. The main issue was that they rely on analog data rather than digital management systems. Sergey Petrossov had always been a techie at heart. At that time, he saw an opportunity to improve the way private jet services were offered. So he got to work.

Wait A Minute – You Already Got A Job!

Sergey Petrossov began consulting with both friends and private jet industry leaders to see where he can be of use. Improving the management system was just the beginning. Though he was working at another tech start-up at the time. He always thought he would get back to the private jet industry at some point. That first flight and his subsequent consultation gave him an education. His brain started ruminating on an app that would make everything work easier.

As he thought on that thing, this wunderkind noticed that the big issue in the private jet industry was that the flight hours were severely underutilized. Back in 2012 with a few years of consultation work under his belt, he wanted to do something about the fact that private jets flew on an average capacity of 10 to 15%.

In short, Sergey Petrossov felt that “it wasn’t an effective use of the plane”. That’s where the idea of a sharing medium came into play. Fast forward to today. He has ideas to expand to India, China and South America. This is in addition to its current corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. JetSmarter also has offices in London, Dubai, Zürich, Moscow and in Saudi Arabia.


At the ripe old age of 31 there is absolutely no telling how high, Sergey will take this private jet company that has become the Uber of luxury air travel.