JD.com is Proud to Help Nespresso with Their Recycling Program to Help Many Go Green

The loyal patrons of Nespresso in China will be happy with the news that they can now recycle their capsules in a much easier way. Thanks to JD.com’s broad and country wide in-house logistics network, Nespresso was able to partner up with the prestigious e-commerce platform to help them with facilitate their recycling program.

To get things started in this noble endeavor, JD.com’s team crafted a wonderful recycling page that is able to seamlessly integrate itself with the Nespresso’s WeChat mini-program. Now, all Nespresso clients all over China can take advantage of the mini-program. It is very easy to use and everything can be done on their mobile device. These esteemed clients can easily schedule a JD courier to pick up their used coffee pods on the same day or the next day. Previously, this service was only available for Nespresso Boutique locations or selected clients with massive order like restaurants, hotels, or offices.

Thanks to their high tech geo-location capabilities, JD.com can easily determine the location of the user and deliver the empty pods to the nearest recycling facility inb Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. The aluminum component of the pods can be utilized for the production of novelty gift products such as the popular Nespresso-branded knives. In the same token, the used coffee grounds serves as the perfect fertilizer for Nespresso’s eco-farms located in Chongming Island, along the Yangtze River in Shanghai.

The officials at Nespresso consider it a great privilege to work with a company like JD.com. They are thankful to JD.com for helping them fulfill their advocacy for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. They acknowledge that they are only able to get this wide reach and support of more customers because of the technology and support provided by JD.com. With JD’s help, the Nespresso company hopes to achieve their goal of one hundred percent recycling capacity around the world by 2020. This is their utmost goal because they know that protecting the environment is important so that the future generations cans still enjoy mother earth.

JD.com shares the same vision and advocacy so they are more than happy to partner with Nespresso. They feel grateful for being instrumental in helping not just large conglomerate but smaller homes into going green. JD.com also believes that environmental awareness and protection are both critical to sustain the planet and all the inhabitants living in it.

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