JD.com Opens Three Avenues in RaaS Intitative

In their ever-evolving category of online products JD.com is now selling its very own business platform. The concept is called Retail as a Service, RaaS, and it offers fledgling companies the ability to purchase the success of big businesses. So far JD.com has contributed with three new channels: JD Chain, JD Open Platform, and JD Business.

JD Chain offers blockchain framework to companies so they can gain flexibility, security, and efficiency. Business will be able to construct their own blockchain program using existing framework. The program supports Jingdong’s mastery of advancing technology and also promotes the revolution that is blockchain software. JD is further pushing the use of blockchains with JD Open Platform.

Open Platform ditches provided infrastructure and instead allows companies to build a blockchain program from the ground up. Both programs help businesses operate at a faster rate of up to 10,000 transactions per second. JD Chain and Open Platform provide blockchain solutions to a wide variety of business applications.

JD Business tackles the process of procurement. Procurement is an overlooked aspect of starting a company that deals with purchasing supplies and services. The JD Business channel will allow companies that sell procurement supplies and services to market their wares. Start-up companies in turn will have an easier time finding suppliers and contractors that better fit their specific business.