Jeremy Goldstein Dinner will Change Lives of Many People

When children are young, they learn so much about sharing their items with those people from less fortunate backgrounds. When people grow, up, however, their priorities changes. There are those who will give back to society in any way possible, while others will keep away from donations. People can never be equal. Those who lack need the help of others. Jeremy Goldstein as attorney supports noble causes in American society. Jeremy recently had the chance to highlight his generosity for the people with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein gave his donation in a unique way so that he could also make an impact in the lives of thousands of people who shy away from speaking about mental health.

The global community is facing many issues. Every day, there are many death reports from all corners. Life is getting hard, and when this happens, people have to work extra hard. People are living stressful lives and finally getting mental illnesses because they could not handle whatever is happening around them. Depression is just one of the many diseases mental health patients face in recent years. Stress makes people lead miserable lives. Some individuals lose interest in life, and they chose to die instead of working hard to solve the life issues they are handling. Getting professional help is not a walk in the park, especially when the person with a mental health condition is not financially stable. People with mental health problems cannot work well and earn a good income, and this puts them to more risks of committing suicide. By getting donations from people who are healthy, the patients can get everything back on track. Fountain House handles this role so well. The foundation raises money so that it can have something to offer the increasing number of patients in the facility. Fountain House mission can only be possible when people like Jeremy Goldstein provide their support.

This year, Jeremy Goldstein will raise funds for Fountain House through a wine dinner. The American lawyer started raising awareness about mental health when a top American celebrity took his life after dealing with depression for a long time. The wine dinner by Jeremy Goldstein will be the best platform to speak about mental health and enjoy great food. To attend the fantastic event, the lawyer has asked his guests to give five thousand dollars. The wine event is extraordinary for the guests. The guests will have killed two birds with one stone. Apart from providing the donation, everyone will have put a smile on a mental health patient somewhere in the world. Fountain House is excited about the event already. The organization has strict guidelines about its funds, and this is why it attracts the attention of so many people around the globe.


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