Kynect Continues to Grow Its Organization

Kynect Launches as New Home Services Provider

In August 2019, Kynect came into existence after the sale of Stream Energy to NRG. With a strong presence that has been made early in the game, it’s not surprising that most direct selling experts anticipate the company to be successful. Mark “Bouncer” Schiro will head the company as the CEO. Rob Snyder, a former leader with Stream Energy, expressed that the business will grow in the right direction with their direct selling model remaining in place.

Renewable energy in the form of hydroelectricity, wind, solar, and biomass will be offered to consumers by the Kynect and its independent sales contractors. Gas and electric sales are offered in areas where the sale of these products is permitted by law.

The Complete Product Lineup of Kynect

Wireless sales are another avenue that offers consumers an alternative to the larger brand name companies. Wireless plans and devices are sold nationwide. Get Additional Information Here.

Other offerings include protective services, such as the following subscription-based products:

  • Remote medical services
  • Remote tech support
  • Automotive roadside assistance plans
  • Identity and credit protection services

The Kynect Business Model and Opportunity

Kynect provides a business model for its independent agents to follow as a pathway to success. Immediate product sales earnings and recurring income from recruitment efforts are the primary sources of income through the company. As agents introduce the service offerings, they also offer the customer the same opportunity to earn income and incentives through the company.

Kynect offers technical support, for a fee, to its agents to help them effectively market their home-based business. The interactive website for Kynect offers many tools to show customers how they can save with Kynect, and it also highlights the business opportunity being offered. Visit to access the company’s website for more information.


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