LocationSmart; A Cloud-Based Approach

It is very important to manage electronic interfaces and all mobile devices in an efficient and controlled way in the world of today. This ability allows developers of consumer applications as well as business ones to find and use answers that enable necessary management through transaction verifications, access controls, location insights, fraud prevention and device profiling.


LocationSmart is the company that can offer its customers all of those features and even more by their cloud-based approach that is both a multi-source and secure method. They are able to accomplish this by using an API platform that is powerful enough to work without having to install an application on the particular device. This type of technology goes on to provide location insights that are real-time for devices that are connected around the world that include computers, M2M/IoT assets, tablets, laptops and smartphones.


Essential accessibility is provided successfully with LocationSmart. Their progress in the industry is highly due to their (LaaS) Location-as-a-Service platform. They are the world’s largest in this type of platform and they can provide businesses with location intelligence that allow engagement services for mobile devices that are connected to workers, assets and consumers.


LocationSmart can serve countless customers for entrepreneurial startups as well as Fortune 500 businesses. By offering ways to change the way that these companies do business, their end results are more efficient and productive. Their technological advances offer a cross-carrier platform that is veryu comprehensive and able to cover many needs that deliver a large footprint and broad reach in the market. It can make the adaptation of this platform both easy and practical.


Since by the year 2021, the global use of connected devices will increase to at least four or more each day, having a unique IP address to both identify the location and device will give companies quite an advantage to increase efficiency in strong manners. This will help to prevent online fraud with the ability to expand the use of IP intelligence and IP location.


Using IP geolocation will also help companies to engage customers with a more personal touch. Observing copyright protection, managing network security and traffic and complying with all iGaming regulations will also be possible with IP geolocation.


Using (IoT) The Internet of Things, is a way of using technological advances as a beneficial way in asset tracking. There is an expectancy of the device connectivity to exceed at least 30 billion by the year 2020 and even twice as much by 2025 according to the Statista company. LocationSmart can offer a service to understand GSID by using its cloud-based platform.


There is a reality of connectivity that needs to be accepted by businesses in order for them to be successful. Since LocationSmart can offer that real-time location data, it is now possible.


LocationSmart states that there is no virtual reality. The main goal of their company is to give clients the ability to know where all of the devices are located and which other devices their are connecting with.


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