LocationSmart Shares Five Important Ways Companies Can Use Their Cloud-Based Mobility Platform

LocationSmart is a company that offers businesses access to a cloud-based mobility platform. This location-as-a-service firm was founded in 1995 and is based in Carlsbad, California. They have five effective ways of helping companies improve their activities and communicate with their customers.

Every device connected to a network has a unique IP address assigned to it. The purpose of this is for host networks to individually identify each device. It is also used for geolocation identification. Companies can use this latter ability to build a business model around or improve their profitability.

One way that LocationSmart helps businesses is by providing them with an easy way to comply with legal regulations. Some industries are highly regulated by the government. This can include tracking a person’s location. Online gaming and mobile lotteries are two examples of this. Some areas do not allow online betting and so a company that provides this needs to make sure no users are in these areas. Before one of these companies can accept a bet they are required to identify where the player is located.

Online fraud is another way LocationSmart can help businesses. Businesses can use IP addresses to see if one of their customer’s accounts is being accessed by an unknown device or location. If so, additional security questions can be used to make sure the user is authentic. Businesses can also use the tactic of requiring the person to call customer service to authenticate who they are in these situations. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

Businesses can do advertising based on where a person is by using LocationSmart’s services. This can be accomplished by sending a push notification or having a company team member place a phone call to the user. Special promotions or discounts can be offered to a person based on where they are, such as for a nearby restaurant. This can inspire a customer to do or buy something they otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

IP addresses can be used to secure a network or a company’s assets. A network can determine all of the users connected to it using IP addresses. If an unrecognized device is discovered it could be a hacking attempt.

LocationSmart shares that devices connected to the network can be tracked in real-time. This can reduce financial loss and help a company know where employees with company devices are physically located.

IP addresses can also be used to protect a company’s copyrights and digital data. Companies can use them to make sure that only authorized users have access to their streaming content, for example. This can prevent piracy and someone else posting a company’s digital content on their website that people can access for free.

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