Luke Lazarus – Serial Entrepreneur and World-Class Consultant

The world of startups is cutthroat. Nearly 90% of startups fail within five years, yet some entrepreneurs seem to bring success wherever they go, bringing businesses from startup to maturity and selling each for great profit.

These serial entrepreneurs enjoy consistent success through their immense and uncommon knowledge and skill, and a fraction of these people choose to teach their knowledge to the less-skilled business world.

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One such entrepreneur is Luke Lazarus. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Luke was a businessman from the beginning, starting his first business at age 8. He excelled in school, turning down offers from Ivy League schools and full-rides from Division I colleges.

By 24, Luke earned an MBA from Melbourne Business School. He then went on to create company after company, bringing it to success then selling it for profit. By 35, Luke Lazarus had created or sold four companies , and was financially independent.

At this point, Luke took his skills not to another startup, but to the noble cause of helping others find success. He became a business consultant, developing a rigorous consulting process that has been called overbearing. This process focuses on systems, analysis, and puts special emphasis on relationships with customers and stakeholders alike.

Over the years, Luke Lazarus has helped dozens of startups become multimillion-dollar businesses, taking a direct, brutally realistic approach.

One emphasized area of his approach is confronting entrepreneurs about their weaknesses, claiming that most entrepreneurs may be intelligent and talented, but few are skilled in many important areas such as high finance, brand messaging, and road showing. Lazarus also helps startup shape their operations to entice investors, ensuring enough capital is available for the business to grow.

According to Lazarus, many startup owners incorrectly believe finding capital is simple and easy, but the truth is that the world of investment is cutthroat, but Lazarus can help them make their mark.

Lazarus has helped many clients’ capture the attention of venture capitalists through attention-grabbing pitches. He also helps clients craft messages that communicate purpose beyond supply and demand, fostering emotional connection with consumers and stakeholders.

In addition to this, Lazarus helps clients recognize and create operations that investors will recognize as potentially successful. In this way, Lazarus both makes the company attractive to investors, and more likely to succeed with or without venture capital.

Luke Lazarus has spent more than a decade helping satisfied customers create successful businesses. Lazarus owes much of his success to his structured lifestyle, dedicating time to daily fitness, walking his dog, spending time with friends and community, and reading the paper.

This balance is essential to all of his success, making him a better marketing consultant, which translates to more satisfied customers, and more successful businesses. Lazarus looks forward to what comes next, hoping to help clients take advantage of the future economy.

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