Maarten De Jeu Advises About Building a Career in the Corporate Development Field

Maarten De Jeu has established a very successful career as a strategic business advisor based in Chicago. He has worked with startups, ultra-high net worth individuals, and major companies to help with their growth strategies. He is helping the companies to realize financial prosperity.


But how would you build a successful career in the corporate development field? Maarten de Jeu is an expert in that field and he is the best-suited individual to answer that question. To make you understand why him, let’s start with his background.


Maarten De Jeu holds a degree from the University of Oxford. After graduation from the university, he built a successful career in the financial services, international business, as well as commercial real estate investment. At one point, he served as the Director of Strategy as well as Corporate Development at an international company called Aviva PLC. He also served as the company’s International Strategy Manager in the London office. He helped many clients while executing his roles at TDVK.


His company called SVM Business Advisory is helping various companies including Fortune 100 companies. When he is not busy with his roles at the company, he spends time with his family and plays tennis. He is also involved in various community and business associations including the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Economic Club of Chicago and several others.


After learning a little bit about Maarten De Jeu’s background, let’s get started with his tips about the corporate development field. While skills, as well as technical expertise, are important in your roles in the field, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box are just as important. According to Maarten De Jeu, the key to be successful in the field is to make innovation on top of your priorities. Additionally, relationships are also very important to your success in the field. You must have the interpersonal skills required to persuade people to align themselves with a line of thought. The ability to project confidence and inspire confidence in others also comes-in handy when building work relationships. According to the entrepreneur, it is not always about transactions. Sometimes, it is important to focus on strategy. To get your company’s strategy right, you must engage your teams and get connected with them to get the full picture of the company. Learn more:


Maarten De Jeu starts his day off with a follow up on the latest news and trends. That goes to show how important being current is to a person building a career in the field. You should strive to get a gist of what’s happening with your competitors and stay up to date on industry trends. The current technologies should also be within your knowledge because you might need to incorporate them into your process in the future. Continue analyzing risks, adapting to new deal structures, as well as developing new tools to stay abreast of the changing times. It is important to be visionary in staying ahead of the competition. That way, you will land deals to build your reputation in the industry.

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