MAGFAST Family of Chargers -Gives People What They Want


Why do we call our product line MAGFAST? Because MAGFAST safely delivers a powerful charge to any device so that life does not have to stop when the power dies.  Isn’t that what you want from your charger?

A POWERFUL, SUPER FAST, WIRELESS charge is what everyone wants and is exactly what MAGFAST delivers. In fact, a MAGFAST Charger is so dynamic, it is powerful enough to jumpstart a car.


The MAGFAST product Line

MAGFAST Family of Charging Products – A collection of Super-Fast and extremely convenient power banks.


  • MAGFAST Extreme USB & 3Qi wireless charging. Powerful enough to jumpstart a car.
  • MAGFAST TIME for Apple Watch charging
  • MAGFAST LIFE pocket power bank with swappable cords, USB A & C and Qi wireless options.
  • MAGFAST ROAD has 6 USB outlets and a built-in flashlight.
  • MAGFAST AIR is an attractive charging stand.
  • MAGFAST WALL is an ingenious design to organize charging wires.

*Available in Alpine White and Forest Green.

*The extended and detailed list of products are available on the website.

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MAGFAST’S Beginnings

Seymour Segnit MAGFAST’s CEO and founder is an engineering graduate from Oxford University. He has had a long professional career as a radio personality and co-founder of a venture capital startup company based in the Silicone Valley. Get Additional Information Here.

In 2017, Mr. Segnit set out on a path to transform power bank and charger industry by designing a family of magnetic, wireless, multi-port, supercharging banks.

The crowdfunding campaign to promote MAGFAST Charger was so successful that a budget goal of $300,000 was reached within 15 minutes.

MAGFAST has made a commitment to the community. For every product ordered a tree will be planted.


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