Mark Holyoake

Oakvest Holdings’ Mark Holyoake Building Successful Companies through Collaboration

Mark Holyoake, founder and owner of Oakvest Holdings, has taken his interest in collaboration and restructuring to building up prosperous companies. As a result, he has accumulated an extensive background in the food industry, seafood operations in particular.

Mark’s latest venture has been a manifest success. Using his knowledge and experience in the sector, Mark Holyoake invested in Iceland Seafood International in 2010 through his investment companies, Oakvest Holdings and International Seafood Holdings. Iceland had just experienced an economic collapse, and Holyoake’s decision to pick up stock in the country might have seemed a bit risky. However, Holyoake perceived the robustness of Iceland’s traditional fishing culture and saw a way to pull together the disparate players in a combined effort and drive profitability for ISI.

Holyoake’s thoughts at the time were that he was bringing a common-sense approach – gained through professional experience – to building evident infrastructure. His philosophy was to do the work necessary over the long term. Mark Holyoake arranged a partnership between ISI and 27 percent of Iceland’s professional fishing operators. Ten years later, ISI has become ten times more profitable.

In the latest news entitled “Holyoake, Sveinsson Step Down From ISI Board…”, Mark Holyoake revealed that he would be stepping down from active membership in the board team of the Iceland Sea Food International. He first came into close interactions in 2010 after purchasing shares from the company through his investment vehicle International Seafood Holdings. This move made Mark Holyoake the largest shareholder in the company for a couple of years. He, however, sold down his shares to make space for more investors before eventually stepping down.

Holyoake has since stepped down from the company’s board and sold a large portion of his shares to make room for following interested parties who would play their part in ISI’s future. Though not necessarily easy, the move allowed the company to start on its new chapter. Holyoake still owns about 9 percent of ISI’s shares, and ISI expanded its reach and leverage even further in 2018 by acquiring Icelandic Iberica.

The resulting returns on Mark Holyoake’s current stake in ISI illustrate the rationale behind his collaborative approach in long-term development. He now sees more significant returns from having laid the groundwork over a long time, even though he now has a smaller share in the company. Go To This Page for related information.

Holyoake looks forward to utilizing his position in Oakvest Holdings for the acquisition of other food-industry niche companies that could benefit from infrastructure and combined effort. He sees a lot of untapped potential in an emerging public awareness of wellness and healthy foods.

Mark Holyoake recommends finding success through a team of like-minded players with common goals and a sense of shared leadership and collaboration.