Mowi China Partnered With JD.Com

The extremely successful Chinese e-commerce company, recently partnered with Mowi China to be able to start offering a new line-up of fresh salmon products through their website. Because of this partnership, Mowi China has been able to get it’s salmon products to reach as far ass the mainland of China all thanks to Mowi has been working alongside Jingdong for a while to create and produce a whole new line of salmon products which includes 4 new salmon products. The partnership will officially launch when JD has its anniversary sales on June 18.

Mowi China will be able to release these products thanks to its new factory that just finished being built in Shanghai, the first factory it has ever had that is located in China’s mainland. In recent years, more and more people have been using and consuming salmon making it the most searched for item in all of Jingdong’s fish category. Thanks to its new factory on the mainland, Mowi China can keep up with the demand and supply not only salmon but fresh salmon, to for the first time in the history of both companies.

When Mowi China and decided to partner together, they did extensive research together and found that most consumers who were looking for salmon products wanted products that would be easy to throw together and cook quickly, so Mowi Chine used this information to meet the demands and they created a line of salmon products that come with sauces that the consumer picks out. These products make the lives of millennials especially easier so that they can cook something quickly and easily if they don’t have time to cook or lack cooking skills.

Mowi China and Jingdong are also offering a salmon product line that is frozen salmon cubes which is a great product for families and children to consume as it comes without skin and bones and all of the healthy nutrients that salmon comes with.

All of the products that Mowi China is offering by partnering with are packed with nutrients and great for people who need a delicious, quick, and healthy meal that they can put together in no time.

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