Nicolas Krafft stages second annual L’Oreal Fashion Show

When it comes to women’s fashion and beauty, a lot of things are expected. The organizers of such events are always looking for ways to make them better. Things were not any different when it came to staging the second annual L’Oreal fashion and beauty show. The company’s marketing and sales executive, Nicolas Krafft, had the task of choosing a unique theme, and he did not fail. The emphasis of the event was on women beauty, and many things emerged from the happenings at the event. The choice of venue was also a surprise for those who attended.

60-meter floating catwalk

When it came to choosing a venue for the event, Nicolas Krafft chose the Seine River. It is one of the most attractive locations in central France. However, what caught the attention of most people is the catwalk. Unlike the usual one, the team chose one that floats on the river. It was 60 meters long and made the event even more amazing. The people who wanted to see the models on the runway had the chance to see them clearly while sitting on the banks of the river. In addition to that, the event was broadcast live in several countries.

Underlining the power of women

Looking at the list of models that graced the function, one can clearly see that the event wanted to showcase their diversity. There were the most celebrated models of all times. Some of them are still active in their careers, but others have since quit. In addition to that, there were invitees from outside the fashion industry. According to Nicolas Krafft, the purpose of having such celebrities at the event was to get their support so that they can help to advance the agenda of the company.

Born in Switzerland where he was also raised, Nicolas Krafft went through the education system earning an MBA in finance and accounting from the University of St. Gallen. He has been in the marketing industry for more than one decade, and his contribution at L’Oreal is evident. He says that he has enjoyed success across three continents where he was tasked with driving sales and spurring growth for companies.