OSI Food Solutions: The Food Industry’s Most Innovative Food Processor

OSI Food Solution has grown into one of the most efficient food providers in the world. This American-based food giant is estimated to generating more than $6 billionper year. Since 2011, the company’s revenue has consistently increased. OSI Food Solutions wasn’t always the powerhouse that it is today. The company started out as a neighborhood meat market in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park. Since business and profits were so good, the company relocated to a larger facility in Maywood, Illinois. This is when food wholesale became OSI’s main generator of wealth.

Meeting the demands of the public is what this food giant does best. OSI Food Solutions can provide a list of services to ease the logistical process for its clients. This includes handling processing, development, distribution and sourcing. In addition to that, the company is now a marquee custom-food producer. If a client has an idea about a new food product, OSI’s R&D specialists can potentially turn it into a reality. These specialists have been thoroughly trained in global cuisines. By taking the clients precise instructions, these food specialists can definitely work wonders to the highest degree, and the client will be involved through the entire process.

The total amount of food that OSI Food Solutions produces is quite enormous. Metric tons of ingredients are harvested every year. The company produces and sells beef patties, hot dogs, marinades, turkey products, panini, pizza, Tofu, flatbread, tomatoes, lettuce, pasta, chili, soups, beans, cooked sausage links, fresh dough products, chicken wings, meatloaf, steak, chicken nuggets and many others. The options are nearly endless. OSI Food Solutions is the epitome of what a modern-day food processor truly is.

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