OSI Group is Perfect Solution for Impossible Burger Supply Crunch

Industry observers are using terms like “scorching demand” and “through-the-roof consumption” to describe sales of the new Impossible Burger, the plant-based veggie burger that tastes almost indistinguishable from real meat. The spectacular success of the Impossible Burger caught its maker by surprise. Impossible Foods knew they had a winner when they perfected the formula for making what many consider to be the world’s first perfect meat substitute. However, Impossible Foods has been suffering from its own success over the past year. As customers flock to restaurants to chow down the meat-free treat, the Impossible Foods manufacturing facility in Oakland, California, can’t keep up.

That’s why the Redwood City, California, company has just inked a deal with OSI Group, the multinational meat processing giant headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group is a firm with massive infrastructure and perhaps the most technologically advanced food processing systems and machinery in the world. OSI Group grew to prominence thanks to its symbiotic relationship with the world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s. The relationship between the two companies dates back to the mid-1950s. OSI Group has been cranking out millions of all-beef patties daily for the Golden Arches for more than six decades. But OSI has long since evolved from being a “McDonald’s-centric” company to a highly diversified food processor with thousands of clients on a global scale.

It operates nearly 70 facilities in 17 nations and employs 20,000 people. That’s why Sheetal Shah determined that OSI Group was the perfect solution to the Impossible Burger problem. Shah is vice president of product and operations for Impossible Foods. He said his team conducted “extensive and exhaustive due diligence” to find the right partner to manufacture the highly unique and proprietary formula for the Impossible Burger. Sheetal Shash said his team came away from their due diligence “extremely impressed with OSI’s commitment to quality and responsiveness.” He added that OSI has already installed the special equipment it needs to make the Impossible Burger and also will reserve special areas within their facilities to get the job done. Click here.