LocationSmart Shares Five Important Ways Companies Can Use Their Cloud-Based Mobility Platform

LocationSmart is a company that offers businesses access to a cloud-based mobility platform. This location-as-a-service firm was founded in 1995 and is based in Carlsbad, California. They have five effective ways of helping companies improve their activities and communicate with their customers.

Every device connected to a network has a unique IP address assigned to it. The purpose of this is for host networks to individually identify each device. It is also used for geolocation identification. Companies can use this latter ability to build a business model around or improve their profitability.

One way that LocationSmart helps businesses is by providing them with an easy way to comply with legal regulations. Some industries are highly regulated by the government. This can include tracking a person’s location. Online gaming and mobile lotteries are two examples of this. Some areas do not allow online betting and so a company that provides this needs to make sure no users are in these areas. Before one of these companies can accept a bet they are required to identify where the player is located.

Online fraud is another way LocationSmart can help businesses. Businesses can use IP addresses to see if one of their customer’s accounts is being accessed by an unknown device or location. If so, additional security questions can be used to make sure the user is authentic. Businesses can also use the tactic of requiring the person to call customer service to authenticate who they are in these situations. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

Businesses can do advertising based on where a person is by using LocationSmart’s services. This can be accomplished by sending a push notification or having a company team member place a phone call to the user. Special promotions or discounts can be offered to a person based on where they are, such as for a nearby restaurant. This can inspire a customer to do or buy something they otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

IP addresses can be used to secure a network or a company’s assets. A network can determine all of the users connected to it using IP addresses. If an unrecognized device is discovered it could be a hacking attempt.

LocationSmart shares that devices connected to the network can be tracked in real-time. This can reduce financial loss and help a company know where employees with company devices are physically located.

IP addresses can also be used to protect a company’s copyrights and digital data. Companies can use them to make sure that only authorized users have access to their streaming content, for example. This can prevent piracy and someone else posting a company’s digital content on their website that people can access for free.

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What Do We Know About Ashley Lightspeed?

Ashley Lightspeed’s extensive career began after she graduated from Duke, having traveled and studied abroad in Copenhagen. The daughter of an architect, she herself aspired to be an architect like her father and sketched building designs and prototypes throughout her collegiate career and teen years. Something that would inspire her outlook on business in the future. Ashley Lightspeed began working with Bain, the global management and consulting firm. There, she wanted to do more operational work and wanted to explore the realm of tech in places like Silicon Valley; a place where innovation and trends are shaped by the future that hasn’t yet happened. Eventually, she would leave Bain to work for Thumbtack, where she was a category manager for the “Weddings & Events” category of the website, which helps to pair local people with professionals in their area. It was during her time with Thumbtack that she started to see her vision and mantra more clearly. Prototyping as a way to design and sculpt the future; a way to innovate faster and better, much in the way an architect creates blueprints for future buildings. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Techcrunch.com

At a fundraising event with Thumbtack, Ashley got a glimpse into the world of venture capital, which is all about future trends and growth. She left Thumbtack and attended Stanford GSB while running a few small business to financially support herself before becoming a member of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Here, she keeps an eye on consumer trends and helps businesses and entrepreneurs innovate based on where the market lies and where consumers are going. Ashley Lightspeed aspired to be an architect and now she makes blueprints for companies to help design and build their futures. Her goal is to help businesses innovate rapidly and to allow their leaders live healthier and more inspired lives.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/20888573-ashley-brasier

What Works In The Real Estate Business

Are you searching for a way to get into the real estate business? Do you want to consult a professional team that comes highly recommended in the real estate industry? Perhaps you are aware that JHSF is a highly reputable firm and has well-qualified real estate professionals.

Jose Auriemo is one of the leading real estate developers out there. For many years, Jose Auriemo provided real estate services to clients and is well known in the industry.

Property development can be highly profitable for firms that do it right. In Brazil, JHSF is considered one of the most successful firms in the industry. It is important that developers do their best to get a good understanding of the process.

JHSF has built a highly talented team of real estate professionals. Jose Auriemo manages the projects at JHSF and skillfully lead these experts to develop a successful outcome, which means these professionals need to be proactive.

The professionals at JHSF are also creative, flexible and have the skills to face the challenges that show up during the development process. They work hard, have patience, and stay focused on their goal.

Real estate is a highly lucrative industry and many people amass their fortune in this industry. Successful entrepreneurs and real estate professionals like Jose Auriemo know that it’s important to follow proven strategies to reach their goal.

As an experienced real estate professional, Jose Auriemo has access to the right resources and systems that enable him to work efficiently and achieve the desired outcome. Real estate projects, particularly property development can be extremely complex and require highly knowledgeable professionals.

Jose Auriemo knows that unnecessary delays should be avoided at all costs. He has excellent problem-solving skills and works together with the team at JHSF to avoid costly construction delays. He is the type of developer who can find the various hot-spots and visualize what he can do with it.

Jose Auriemo knows that when negotiating a deal, sometimes he needs to think outside the box to meet the needs of all parties.

For more: https://computerworld.com.br/2018/09/29/jhsf-contrata-solucao-de-backup-as-a-service-da-think-about-it/


Genucel Living Up To It’s Hype.

Many people are looking into a solution towards better, healthier, smoother skin. With so many different run of the mill skin care products on the market, it is difficult for clients to determine which company actually delivers results or which ones are just selling dreams. Genucel is one of the latest trends in skin care and it is producing quick results to clients. With these specific skincare products on the rise and great customer reviews accumulating, Genucel is proving themselves to be a reputable brand.

Genucel utilizes plant-based stem cells developed as a treatment to help the delicate appearance of skin beneath the eye. Maintaining a focus on reducing, erasing, and vanishing bags underneath the eyes. Ultimately delivering a more youthful appearance in little time. The brand uses active ingredients that do not contain artificial chemicals. Keeping consumers skin hydrated and replenished after every use.

According to premiergazette.com, Genucel by Chamonix uses combinations of traditional remedies that are essentially good for healthy skin. Algae extract which nourishes the skin using vitamins and minerals. Another key ingredient includes green tea extract, it is ideal for preventing and target premature aging. One more impact ingredient contained in the product is hydrolyzed marine collagen. This key component assists in strengthening skin and increases the elasticity.

Based on well-researched reviews, this brand is living up to the hype for many satisfied costumers. Keeping a high-quality product for an affordable price is ideal for the brand and its consumers. Like we mentioned earlier, there are many products in the skincare industry that are just blowing smoke to generate sales. This is not the case for Genucel by Chamonix. They are gladly delivering satisfactory results to real people. Some get results in a more rapid pace than others. Every individual is different and should give the product the time it needs to show improvement with your unique frame of DNA and appearance. To see more about Genucel visit  indeedjobs.com


Raffaele Riva: Founder of AUREA Multi-Family Office

Raffaele Riva is a British national who has completed his studies in and around London. He has completed his master’s from Said School at the University of Oxford. He has helped many new startups grow and establish in the market. He has worked as an angel for 10 years and with his hard work has been able to establish his name in the market. Raffaele Riva founded AUERA Multi-Family Office in 2008, and he continues to maintain co-ownership and partnership in his business. He has also created many successful businesses, for example, Milano Fiduciaria. Riva has multiple nationalities and with his diverse personal and professional background he is fluent in French, Italian and English. His skills in the language have also helped him with increasing and expanding his business as he can communicate with his clients more effectively.

In an interview, Riva told me that he allows his personal experiences to bring his ideas to his life. He is excited to work in both: work and personal life, and excel in both fields of life. He told that he tries to   himself up-to-date as it is very important because of the field he is working in. He said that people do not agree with him on this stance but he believes that a rich person is not scared of being poor because he has plenty of money. A rich man will work on getting richer so he tries to get more and more productive.

He emphasized that if you want to grow your business you have to work on the people who are working for you. Your clients are extremely important for your business but your employees are more important. They are the ones who will be looking to your customers so their satisfaction holds immense importance for the success of the clients.

Betterworks Is Helping Companies Grow

A lot of employees do not like when their employers make them go through reviews of their performance. Usually employers make their employees complete these types of reviews at least once a year. These reviews help employers make sure that their employees have a healthier workplace to work in. It helps them to find the problems within the work field so that they can focus on these problems and work hard to fix them.

Employee performance reviews are very important because they help keep leadership and motivation within the company. The reviews help to make sure that the employers are not being bias to any employees. There are many different types of biases that come into play when it comes to the work field. These include recency bias, halo effect, and gender bias. Recency bias has to do with employees having achievements or failures within the workplace. Halo effect helps employers focus on the behaviors of employees. Gender bias is just as it sounds criticizing someone over their gender.

By removing biases from the workplace things will run smoother. There will be less tension between employees. Performance reviews help out a lot within job sites. The feedback helps employers pick people to lead the company shifts and so much more.

Betterworks is a Continuous Performance Management program. It helps employers set goals and be able to reach them. It gives them feedback from things like performance reviews in real time so that they do not have to wait a long time to be able to review their employees results. It helps to organize the results from the performance surveys.

Betterworks is helping companies move forward with their business. They are helping companies to run more smoothly. Betterworks is quickly growing and advancing. They are going to be around for a very long time and there is no telling just how far they are going to go.

Download the Betterworks App – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/betterworks/id1232326234

Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions

The “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” are multiple essays that detail the challenges of territorial disagreements of the making process and design of the constitution. This doesn’t sound to big of a deal until you here it is actually a highly relevant conflict that is happening in places such as Libya, Myanmar, and Yemen.

These collection of essays have many cases involving constitutional engagement in countries around the globe. Some of these engagements include small distinct territories, bi-communal countries, highly diverse countries with politically salient regions, and lots of other countries where territorial politics come secondary. Cyprus, Iraq, Spain, Ukraine are some examples.

The “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” offers policy recommendations depending on certain political cleavages. In depth case studies also are included for broad analysis.

George Anderson and Sujit Choudhry are the authors responsible for releasing these collection of essays and who further on added a policy paper to provide insights to how territorial claims relate to constitution making processes and constitutional design.

Sujit Choudhry has been an advisor to constitution building, governance, and rule of law processes for over twenty years, including in Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Ukraine, Yemen, etc. He has experience in broad variety of contexts, including ceasefires and conditions of political violence. Sujit’s field work includes technical advice to multi party dialogues, facilitating public dialogue sessions with civil society groups and other stakeholders, and drafting technical reports.

George Anderson is a fellow at the Centre for Democracy and diversity at Queen’s University. He is a former deputy minister for the Canadian government and former CEO of the Forms of Federations.

The “Territory and Power in Constitutional transitions” is now available to purchase on Amazon since May 9th. The new policy paper added by Anderson and Choudhry is up for download.

Former envoy United Nations Secretary-General, Nicholas haysom, said the collection of essays makes an outstanding contribution to our understanding logic for constitutional processing and design. Senior Scholar, Nancy Bermeo, complimented the “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” on its depth knowledge and how to advance knowledge across national and disciplinary boundaries.

Follow this link to learn more https://play.google.com/store/books/author?id=Sujit+Choudhry&hl=en

Five Facts About Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an entrepreneur in the financial services industry. He is the co founder and the chairman of the leading investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. For two decades, he has established the firm as one of the most successful in the financial sector. Along with a successful career as an entrepreneur, Wes Edens is also involved in professional sports. He is the current co owner of both the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and a team in the English Premier Soccer League.

When Wes Edens began his career, he worked in the financial services sector as an entry level professional. After the first few years of his career, he joined Lehman Brothers in 1987. After joining the firm, Wes would become a partner and a managing director. This position allowed him to develop his leadership skills as well as his expertise in the financial sector. He left the firm in 1993 and became a member of BlackRock Financial Management. Read this article of Wes Edens at Wall Street Journal.

In 1998, Wes Edens decided to start up his own company after working at BlackRock Financial Management. He co founded the firm with a couple of other finance professionals who he worked with in the past. With these other financial professionals, Wes was able to begin building his firm and making it into one of the top alternative asset management firms in the entire world.

During the past few years, Wes Edens has gotten involved in professional sports. One of the teams he has acquired is the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. Under his leadership, the team has become one of the elite in the Eastern Conference. It is led by a couple of star players who have become among the league’s best. Edens purchased the team for $550 million.

Wes has a very high income according to industry insiders. Edens makes a salary of approximately $54 million. This salary has allowed him to accumulate a vast fortune. By having an income of $54 million, Edens has been able to become a billionaire.

Edens has family who are big fans of the NBA. His daughter Mallory is currently a fan of the New York Knicks. As a Knick fan, Mallory is looking to one day own the team. By becoming the owner of the New York Knicks, Mallory will be able to make history by becoming the NBA’s first ever female owner. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-04/fortress-billionaire-wes-edens-bets-on-freedom-gas-exports

Protect Your Business Via Employment Law

Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent New York City lawyer, has worked closely with some of the biggest brands in the United States. This includes handling some of the largest transaction of the past decade. Goldstein has worked closely with Bank of America, South African Breweries, AT&T Corporation, Verizon Wireless, Merck, Duke Energy, Dow Chemical Company, J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and many more. “I’m very passionate about the rights and interests of my clients,” said Goldstein. In other words, this man provides legal counseling and representation. One of his specific areas of expertise is known as non-compete agreements. Since certain business sectors are highly competitive, the employees of these companies tend to switch from location to location. Non-compete agreements provides a form of protection in a sense. Employees who fall under this agreement must wait for a specific amount of time before he or she can work for a competitor. This type of agreement gives the employer certain rights to help them fill the void with a new employee.


These type of agreements must be drafted in a way that isn’t too restrictive while safeguarding the interests of a business. Non-compete agreements are also known as restrictive covenants. Attorney Jeremy Goldstein is well-educated in the subject at hand. This man has numerous degrees, including a J.D. from New York University as well as an M.A. from Cornell University. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is the name of his very own law firm in New York. This law firm specializes in advisory services for businesses, compensation committees, CEOs and management teams. “I provide beneficial advise about my clients’ interests, careers and pay rate,” said Goldstein. Conflicts of interest are always happening in the business world, and corporate governance provides a form of safety for the employer.


Goldstein has also stated that there are no short cuts in this specific line of work. Taking on these particular cases can be draining while consuming large amounts of time. Goldstein stated that “should I accept these jobs, and how will it affect my family’s life?” All in all, Jeremy Goldstein is simply winning in this dynamic field, and he will continue to set new trends in corporate governance.


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Clement Perrette is a Philantropist Concerned About the Ocean

Clement Perrette is a businessman and well-known philanthropist. He has a deep passion for ocean preservation and recently wrote a book called, Call of the Blue. His book contains stories from over 100 people who are fighting to conserve and protect the oceans. Some of the stories are from scientists and well-known celebrities. Call of the Blue is 344 pages long and contains 300 unpublished color illustrations. His book covers plastic pollution, turtle egg poaching, overfishing, and many other topics threatening the oceans. He is also working on a film series to raise awareness for cetaceans and their impressive intelligence and social behavior.

Clement Perrette is a proud supporter of 1001Fontaines. This charity has been in existence for 15 years and has installed 200 safe water production sites. They also trained local villagers on how to run them and turn them into social businesses. These sites have created 600 jobs and now over 500,000 villagers and 400 schools have access to safe drinking water. Clement Perrette is a supporter of Synchronicity Earth, an organization that addresses overlooked and underfunded conservation issues. They are currently trying to preserve the Congo Basis, because it is second largest rainforest. There are mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibian’s living there that are worth protecting. They also want to protect the indigenous people over there.

Clement Perrette has spent 25 years employed in capital markets. He is currently a Senior Fund Manager at RAM Active Investments. Before working at RAM, he worked at Barclays Capital as Head of Investment Function and Managing Director.

Learn More: www.clement-perrette.com/