Carsten Thiel Focused and Found Success

Carsten Thiel always had a passion and an interest in the sciences ever since he was a child. He would find that he would do well in his studies and would find that he did amazing in his studies in the field of science. He didn’t just do well in the sciences he would love to go to class, learn, and understand the new concepts. Carsten Thiel was very interested in enhancing skill set and knowledge in the sciences and would devote a good portion of his life to advancing the field in some form or fashion.

He was so enthralled by his education that he went from Germany to the UK to study it in a different light. He would go to the UK and would learn organic chemistry, then go further and study biochemistry. He wouldn’t stop with his four-year degree, he would continue to learn more by attending the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and earn his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. He would specialize in one segment of the sector where he would study how one protein cells turn from healthy to the opposite of it.

This interest in the sciences would not burn him out, he would then jump into the workforce by working with a biotechnology firm called Hoffman La-Roche. He would do well within the roles that were assigned to him and then be promoted to other roles with greater responsibilities within the company. He was able to help be a part of an innovative movement and do more for the sector.

Carsten Thiel would then be part of other firms where he would launch more pharmaceutical products. Carsten Thiel believed in the power of humanity and in the fact that ethics was very important in society and in regular business interactions. As such, Carsten Thiel has been able to utilize these principles in his studies and find success.

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Rebel Wilson and Company Enjoy Some Catzercise

Move over Richard Simmons because Sweatin’ to the Oldies has come competition. Rebel Wilson and a group of her friends have created a new workout routine called, “Catzercise” and it may be the next big thing. The Aussie-star released two videos of Catzercise on her Instagram, clad in furry pink ears and paws.

The dance number was the culmination of a thirty-minute Cats-themed dance rehearsal her friends threw for her surprise birthday party. Very fitting considering Wilson is starring in the film-version that will release in December.

Wilson began her birthday by making her own cake at the Milk Bar. Naturally, she posted photos of her creation. What followed was a surprise party that ended in Beverly Hills with the Catzercise dance routine. Wilson apparently had a very good time as she kept tweeting about it for the next few days.

Since her move stateside from Australia Rebel Wilson’s career has been on the rise. First appearing in Bridesmaids Wilson hit national status as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect.

2019, however, is apparently the year of Rebel as the Aussie-actress is appearing in three major films. The first two, “Isn’t It Romantic” and “The Hustle” are coming out so close to each other moviegoers will see the preview of one while waiting to see the other. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

“Isn’t It Romantic” is a rom-com set in the imaginary world of a rom-com. Wilson plays the lead Natalie who wakes up in her own rom-com after getting knocked in the head. The movie co-stars Liam Hemsworth as a hunky client and Adam DeVine as Natalie’s best friend. The film is a delightful skewering of regular rom-com tropes.

“Isn’t It Romantic” released on Valentine’s Day. So far it has done well at the box office. Rebel’s next feature is a remake of a classic. “The Hustle” is the female-led remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Wilson stars in the Steve Martin role playing opposite Anne Hathaway.

As for Cats, Rebel Wilson will be playing Jennyanydots. The film is slated to release in December. The film also stars Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and Ian McKellen.

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Marc Beer – article recap

LumeNXT announces Marc Beer as the new chairman of the board


LumeNXT, Inc. has announced the recruitment of Mr. Marc Beer as the new chairman of its board. Marc is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years’ experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and leadership. Marc is set to utilize his expertise to help the company achieve its goals in a timely manner.


LumeNXT is a privately held corporation that focuses on the development of surgical illumination products that are used in minimally invasive surgeries. LumeNXT has been at the forefront of the development of intracavity light emitting diode illumination. The advanced illumination platforms are mainly utilized by doctors to achieve more precision and efficiency in their work.


Compared to traditional techniques, targeted illumination enhances visualization, flexibility, and precision of the surgeon. This increases the chances of carrying out a successful procedure and ensures that it is carried out in a cost friendly and safe manner.


Speaking after his appointment, Marc Beer said that he was proud to be working with the dedicated and highly accomplished surgeons and engineers in LumeNXT. He praised the doctors and engineers for the various advancements that they had made to improve the LumeNXT platform. He also thanked the company and all staff for their dedication to ensuring that surgeries are conducted using minimally invasive procedures.


Paul Rhyne who is the co-founder of LumeNXT congratulated and praised Marc after the appointment. He also said that he had confidence in Marc and his ability to help the company meet its goals. Paul Rhyne said that Marc had already demonstrated an ability to lead by being highly successful in the various organizations that he has worked with. He also pointed out that Marc has repeatedly shown his ability to help startup companies turn a profit.


Marc Beer is also experienced in working with startup companies and helping them to go through the various growth phases that a company goes through smoothly. In the interview, Paul said that marc’s vast experience would help the company in the global commercial rollout and the company’s path to profitability.


About Marc Beer


Prior to joining LumeNXT, Marc had worked in several other organizations in and around the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Marc Beer is the founding chairperson who also served as the CEO of Renovia, Inc. The company was formed to discover and deliver digital therapeutic and diagnostic kits for women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Learn more:


Marc Beer holds a B.S from Miami University and began his early career by holding various positions in Genzyme. Genzyme is a specialty care company that works in the development of treatments for diseases that are difficult to diagnose or treat.

Organo Gold: Promoting Healthier Living through Coffee Culture

Coffee culture has grown since the 1800s, and coffee lovers have come up with terminology to describe changes in the culture since then. The first wave from the 1800s to the 1980s is made up of classic coffee pots and instant coffee. The second wave was all about making a cup of coffee delicious and is when the likes of espresso and macchiato came along. This wave was heavily influenced by the monetization of coffee shops which became highly profitable. The third and last wave is characterized by coffee appreciation. In this wave, people are paying attention to details such as the heritage and growth conditions of coffee. However, coffee lovers globally enjoy a combination of all the three waves today.

Coffee Distribution

With the growth of coffee culture worldwide, coffee distribution is at the center of ensuring all consumers enjoy their preferred cup of coffee. In comes Organo Gold, one of the best coffee distribution companies globally. Organo Gold was started in 2008 in Canada and has since then expanded into more than 50 global locations. The company sells its products using a unique network marketing business model. Through the model, members enjoy up to seven income earning streams not only from retail sales of the company’s products but also using a tiered membership approach.


Organo Gold deals in various beverage and nutraceutical products. Organo Gold’s coffee and tea beverages contain Ganoderma Lucidum spore powder rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Its body management supplement products include Fenix XT and Ganoderma mycelium which enhance and help regulate energy, performance, and stamina. In personal care, Organo Gold offers soap and toothpaste with Ganoderma Lucidum for healthy skin and stronger, whiter teeth.

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ClassDojo Continues to Improve its Services

Technology has brought the best changes in the world today. Some of the things that could not be achieved in the past have now are easily accomplished by individuals who live far away from each other. Communication in the modern times does not have to be a complicated affair like in the past. The modern ways of communication have proven to be very effective and affordable compared to the past. There are so many massaging applications that are available in the recent times. People want to be in touch with one another. There are many apps in the market, but none is matching the kind of service that is offered by ClassDojo.

The startup has been in the market for some years now, and it is transforming the lives of parents, teachers, and students. Thanks to ClassDojo, communication among teachers and parents has improved significantly. With the help of the modern communication tool, parents know what is happening in the class and how their children are doing. All the updates that are sent to the parents by the teachers make the learning process easier and better for all the individuals who are involved. Not long ago, ClassDojo announced that it had managed to raise more than thirty-five million dollars for funding.

While announcing the news to its customers who are based in different destinations of the world, ClassDojo management have expressed its satisfaction because of the funds it has just received. Unlike many other applications that are in the market, the organization has been operating without charging its customers. The teachers, parents and even the students have been getting so much assistance from the startup, but they have not been paying for the excellent services.

Most of the apps charge some fees so that they can make some profits and at the same time be able to meet all the demands. The founders of the company shocked the world when they announced the number of years they had operated without making any income. The founders have expressed that they are going to introduce a profitable service that will make the company pay its stakeholders some profits at the end of the day.

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Dr. J, The Plastic Surgeon

With over 60,000 square feet of comfortable working space from the skincare center to the relaxing hotel rooms for patients, and operating room within the center, is a caring board-certified plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. He is one out of seven board certified surgeons at the Dallas, Texas Plastic Surgeons Institute. Being a member of the renowned Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jejurikar has extensive experience focusing on surgery that places emphasis on the face, nose, eyes, breast, and the body of his patients. His most common procedures are tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast augmentations, mommy makeovers and face lifts. Dr. Jejurikar is extremely passionate about his craft. He has studied and received his medical degree from the University of Michigan and has practiced medicine for over 20 years. During surgery, his warmth carries out through his passion for what he loves and enjoys doing; making his patients feel special. There are many hospitals in the area that Dr. Jejurikar is affiliated with in Dallas, which are Pine Creek Medical Center, and the Dallas Medical Center. Dr. Jejurikar is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as well as the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons and Diplomate of the American Beard Plastic Surgery of Dallas. Doctor Jejurikar goes the extra step in keeping his clients up to date with the latest technology and techniques that are changing every year in plastic surgery with his blog. In the end, Dr. Jejurikar loves what he does, and loves working with his patients.

Carsten Thiel Advances Medical Improvements That Save Lives

There are a lot of people who attempt to help the world in whatever way they possibly can. Not many gain as much ground on that goal as does Carsten Thiel. He has managed to advance many medications that have gone towards helping people with various medical issues.

Not everything in medicine is life and death, but virtually everything in medicine helps to improve the lives of those who take those medications. A lot of people care about medications that help them with things like weight loss. There are a lot of medications that are marketed to the public to help them deal with weight loss, but most don’t hold up the way that the medication that Carsten Thiel has been pushing.

The weight loss medication industry tends to push out a new drug and waits for the pop in sales that often accompanies that. They don’t much care if the drug really does the things that they say it does because they know that they can claim profits regardless. That is just not how Carsten Thiel feels about things. He wants to bring true value to people’s lives.

Carsten Thiel has always been honest with his customers. He doesn’t make some of the outlandish promises that other medications make. He keeps the expectations more realistic in order to provide something that does not lead to disappointment.

You could say that Thiel is a hero, but he feels that he is just doing what everyone in the industry should be doing. Carsten Thiel makes no bones about the fact that he is proud of his work, but he thinks that the rest of the industry should be moving in the direction that he has been moving. It is a dream that he hopes to see come into fruition in the near future.

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Paul Mampilly – Passing His Financial Expertise to Mainstreet Americans

Achieving profits from the stock market is not easy, especially if you do not have much idea or experience in investing in the stock market. However, with the advice of someone like Paul Mampilly, who is a world-renowned stock market and investment banking expert, it would be easier for you to achieve your investment and financial goals. Paul Mampilly came to the United States from India to study, and join Wall Street after completing his Masters in Business Administration. He started his career from Banker’s Trust as an asset portfolio manager.

After leaving his job at Banker’s Trust, he went to join at leading positions at banking organizations such as ING and Deutsche Bank. The high performance delivered by Paul Mampilly helped him get recognition in the financial world, especially when he helped Kinetics Asset Management to take their investment portfolio from $6 billion to over $25 billion during his tenure at the organization. Paul Mampilly worked for many years for different financial organizations before he moved on to join Banyan Hill Publishing as its senior editor. As the senior editor of the organization, he edits several financial newsletters, including the highly famous Profits Unlimited, which focuses on the stock market investments.

With the help of the advice that Paul provides, many people have been able to create a highly diversified and profit-oriented investment portfolio in the stock market. The tips and recommendations given by Paul are research backed and comes from his experience of many years in the stock market. You can be sure that with the help of his advice given in Profits Unlimited, you would be able to understand the intricacies of stock market investments. It would also become easier for you to pick the right stocks and know when to enter and exit the stock market trades. Even though the investments in the stock market seem simple, it is a highly complex procedure in which you need to take into account many different factors. Paul understands that the advice he provides in his financial newsletters can change the life of many people in economic terms and tries his best to pass on his expertise to the common people.

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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers on Depression Treatment

For people with behavioral health or mental health challenges, there are fundamentally two techniques generally accessible to them presently. One is medication, and the other is psychotherapy. Both of these are powerful to different extents for various groups of individuals. However, Neurocore provides neurofeedback as a third, feasible, and effective methodology for treating these conditions. Neurofeedback is a method of harnessing the brain’s capability to improve and learn when the affected person is offered information about their environment. Read more about Neurocore at

At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, individuals visit the facility with different sorts of depression and varying degrees of severity. Most of the conditions are debilitating and chronic. Some are as a result of traumatic events, while others simply appear to deteriorate each day. Regardless of the type, depression devastatingly affects both the individual and their family.


The comprehensive assessment at Neurocore utilizes qEEG brainwave mapping mechanism, clinically approved symptom rating scales among other diagnostic measures. The process assists in creating an advanced picture for your depression symptoms. Based on your diagnostic results and brain map, Neurocore creates a customized program that aids in addressing the patient’s symptoms.



Depression is more than sadness and has a wide-ranging of symptoms including:


  • Social isolation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low energy levels
  • Low motivation
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of interest in nearly all sorts of activities

Working of depression program at Neurocore


Brain specialists start with neuro assessment to evaluate the functioning of your brain. By utilizing the advanced qEEG mechanism, doctors can measure and check the electrical activity of your brain and identify the causes of your depression symptoms. Regardless of whether you’re simply getting by every day or you’ve been overpowered with pressure, patients are guided via a customized neurofeedback program which trains your brain to work better.


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have worked with a huge number of youngsters, teenagers, and grown-ups suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) also referred to as Deficit Disorder (ADD). ADHD brain braining is an optional treatment that focuses on the fundamental issues related to ADHD.


Much of the time, the causes of ADHD symptoms might be caused by poor sleep quality, anxiety, learning disability, vision problems or other conditions. The facility understands that every individual is different and the assessment aids in evaluating whether your kid is experiencing particular behaviors. Neurocore’s ADHD treatment program involves best-applied neuroscience. The specialists work with the natural ability of the brain to learn and assist clients reach their whole potential. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

U.S. Money Reserve Internship Program Now Accepting Applicants

The USMR or the U.S. Money Reserve started its internship program in February 2016 hiring its first-ever marketing intern. After a couple of years, USMR is celebrating the growth and success of the program and continues to seek a new set of interns during the summer semester.

The positions are opened for those willing to work in a challenging environment and would like to enhance the level of their social and relational communication skills.

How It All Started

The U.S. Reserve Internship Program started when the Vice President of Marketing and Communication Jim Warren hired Mallory Burgess as his intern. Burgess previously worked as an intern to Warren at his former firm.

Mallory shared that her experience working under Warren is very helpful especially in the field of media and marketing. She added that those looking for a rewarding internship that would drive their future careers should try scouting for internship posts.

Currently, Mallory Burgess is working as the Media Buyer at U.S. Money Reserve. She also showed excellence in her job as a Marketing Coordinator where she overlooked the U.S. Money Reserve’s internship program. Since her employment, she was able to acquire several job promotions. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor
and US Money Reserve | Manta

According to Warren, Burgess is organized, driven, and talented. He shared that he is happy to see her grow in the U.S. Money Reserve and excel in media and marketing. Warren further noted that Burgess’ success simply shows that hard work and dedication can propel an internship position into a good career

More Internship Openings

At present, the internship program expanded and is now hosting six RTF and social media interns in the company’s office in Austin, Texas. The new interns are assigned to work under the supervision of Sierra Taylor, the new Intern Supervisor. She also worked in the summer of 2018 as an intern and came back to help run the internship program of the company. At present, she is enrolled at the University of Texas and taking up Bachelor of Science in Advertising.

Taylor shared that the internship program made her appreciate the kind environment in USMR that treats interns with respect. She added that the program is a great opportunity for students to professionally grow, solve problems, and muster self-confidence. She relayed that she presents on a weekly basis social media presentations. Taylor added that through this, she learned how to confidently and effectively report data and gain a deeper understanding of how analytics can enhance the company’s strategies.

The U.S. Reserve is one of the biggest private distributors of U.S. government–issued gold, silver, and platinum in the world.

Since its establishment in 2001, the US Reserve has grown into one of the largest private distributors of platinum, silver, and gold products issued by the United States government in the worldwide scene.