Bhanu Choudhrie On Managing Your Priorities

CEO Choudhrie has always hoped to be the type of man that people can depend on, and it is through his career endeavors that he finds the greatest satisfaction in pursuing this. It is our pursuits, he believes, that make us who we are, and when we are willing to put our being into a pursuit, we find that we are at our greatest as human beings. This is a state of being that Bhanu Choudhrie is greatly interested in accomplishing, and this is why he works to make himself as productive as he possibly can be. While the work he does often demands a lot mentally, he finds it easy to push through on the simple basis that his work is for the sake of helping others.

If it were not for this factor, he would almost certainly find difficulty in his pursuits, but because he knows that it is for the greater good, there is never a moment of hesitation throughout his career. While his devotion is never questioned, someone as shrewd as Bhanu Choudhrie knows that it is important to consider the possibilities before you move forward with any plan of action. Oftentimes, it can be tempting to simply chase after a certain path that opens itself up to you because it seems compelling, but acting in this way can oftentimes be far more impulsive than we mean to be, and Bhanu Choudhrie wants to make sure he has a good grip on his impulses.

Because of this, he is the type of person to continually search for a better lifestyle at every possible junction. His commitment to his career is not arbitrary, either. Although it might seem this way given all the paths that stood before him, Bhanu Choudhrie was always mostly interested in the field of investment, and it is through the process of making new investments that he finds the greatest amount of satisfaction. He believes that this is what we should be looking for when we search for a suitable career, and unfortunately, it would seem as though our priorities have shifted over the years.

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2015 Was A Standout Year For Gino Pozzo And His Family

In 2015, the Pozzo family was celebrating the success they had achieved as the owners of three soccer clubs in Europe all playing in the top-flight of their respective leagues. For Gino Pozzo, the success of Spain’s FC Granada and Udinese was something to savor, but the arrival of Watford FC in the top flight of English soccer was the main goal of the Italian-born owner.

Despite us thinking of Gino Pozzo as an Italian business leader, the Watford Chair is undoubtedly an international executive who has traveled the world to achieve his most aims. Gino Pozzo began his life in Italy before traveling to the U.S. to study for a master’s degree from Harvard Business School. After leading Udinese to the Champion’s League in 1995-96 after arriving at a club in crisis during 1993-94 season and went on to reach th4e Champion’s League across 20 consecutive seasons.

By 2015, Gino Pozzo had moved his family to London from their home in Barcelona, Spain to take a hands-on approach to run a soccer club. At Watford, Pozzo had arrived in 2012 with the aim of bringing success to the club as quickly as possible, which meant pushing himself harder than ever before. Working with existing CEO, Scott Duxbury, Gino Pozzo pushed forward his plans to take Watford into the Premier League as quickly as possible. Whether the owner believed the passage of the club would take just three seasons is unknown but we can believe he had plans for arriving on this fast schedule.

Gino Pozzo and his family would later sell their stake in FC Granada with the family now focusing on the success they are achieving at Watford. Pozzo believes the best option for his family is to focus their efforts on Udinese and Watford where the biggest gains can be made in business terms.

James River Capital, Taking Wealth Management in a New Direction

Paul Saunders, the founder and chairman of The James River Capital Corporation, has an abiding passion for finance, a passion that motivated him to earn two advanced degrees on the subject. Before creating JRC, he served as the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds at Kidder, Peabody, and Co. and as the President of KP Futures Management Corp. He acquired KP Futures in 1995 when it was an investment department of Kidder, Peabody, & Co. Then, he transformed it into James River Capital, an independent investment company.

With a focus on asset classes such as equity strategies, corporate credit, global macroeconomic strategies, multi-strategy investing, fixed income arbitrage, managed futures trading, and asset-backed securities, JRC is registered as an Investment Advisor, a Commodity Trading Advisor. and Commodity Pool Operator.

In Zen, there’s a common admonition to extend one’s own line rather than attempting to cut short the lines of others. With a similar mindset, Saunders is more interested in creation than he is in competition. That is to say, he encourages friends and clients to invest their time and effort into creating wealth, rather than in trying to undermine competitors.

To that end, he offers many important tips to those seeking to fund a startup- many of which have a strong tech orientation. For a start, he recommends “bootstrapping.” This means contributing as much as one can on one’s own through savings, credit cards, and borrowing from family and friends. After that, he recommends jumping right into the new tech-oriented methods like crowd-funding, which means using platforms like Kickstarter.

JRC remains unique in its inclination to help entrepreneurs grow in a customized fashion, in a way that runs on passion and the demand for originality. In that way, JRC remains a real stand-out among wealth management firms.

Jack Plotkin Thinks the World of Healthcare is Modernizing Under Our Noses

Why do we automatically assume healthcare by a physician must always include a physical meeting, discussion, and contact? The fact is, we have been culturally trained to expect this type of healthcare delivery because it has been the traditional model for centuries. The fable of the “country doctor” visit still exists in our minds when in reality healthcare review, diagnosis and treatment can happen just as easily through other channels as well. In fact, the age of computers has subtly moved among us and it already exists under our noses.

Jack PlotkinTelehealth is already functional, practical and usable in the form of wearable technology. Unlike the early idea of providing patient information via survey and screen interaction, today’s modern health is already integrated into how we live. Biometric measurements can be easily taken and transferred remotely via bracelets, necklaces, watches, and wristbands, not only providing doctors with real-time, objective data they can evaluate clearly versus trying to interpret, they can do so on an ongoing basis as well. This, in turn, can provide far more accurate diagnoses and better treatment delivery without any need for the traditional consultation process that can eat up half a day’s time.

According to Jack Plotkin, a top expert on enterprise network design for large user populations, today’s telehealth tools can easily redefine how we look at, deliver and receive healthcare. The data and information available and possible is far more accurate, devoid of interpretive language, and can lend itself far better to trend analysis. Healthcare providers have at their fingertips wireless technology that is easy to implement, easy to network, and easy to manage with their patients via intuitive purposes and operations. Given these disruptive approaches to traditional medical delivery, the ideas first visualized on early Star Trek episodes are now present and available. The biggest question now is, when are we going to start leveraging telehealth tools to our maximum advantage?

Prevagen Methods for Getting Back Into Your Yearly Schedule

Getting back into a stable routine after summer is a difficult and daunting task.

Trying to adjust from an unplanned daily routine with little to no requirements to a routine with strict plans and deadlines is a task everyone dreads when the summer comes to an end, primarily because of how different it is from the day to day habits we develop in the summer.

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However, with a few adjustments, resetting your strict internal clock is a manageable task. Let’s take a look at a few ways we can effectively adjust to our new schedule and debunk some myths which do not help the adjustment from lazy days to consistent hard-working days.

Tip #1, Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule:

This is one of the most important things you should do when transitioning from summer. In the summer, your sleep schedule ends up shifting to much later times then we should have or at least becomes extremely chaotic.

The best thing we can do to combat the difficult transition is begin to slowly shift our bedtimes and wake up times to earlier times, ensuring we get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. In due time, you can adjust your sleep schedule to a normal wake up time without the side effect of tiredness.

Tip #2, Integrate Exercise:

Exercise is an amazing way to get your body and mind back into a schedule. Doing even a little bit of exercise will wake you up, make you feel refreshed and improve physical and mental health.

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Even integrating a small ten to fifteen minute walk in the morning or afternoon will bring energy into your daily routine, helping you tackle tasks for the day ahead.

Tip #3, Schedule in Advance:

Making schedules before your week starts is a perfect way to reduce stress and complications when adjusting to your first two weeks out of summer. At the beginning of the week, write down all the appointments or work you need to accomplish during the week.

Knowing exactly what you need to do during the week will reduce stress and make tackling jobs a lot easier. Being on track in the beginning of the year will help keep you organized and on schedule for the rest of the year as well.

Tip #4, Plan for Yourself:

Most importantly, assign special time for yourself and your mental health. No yearly schedule will be easy to follow if you are continually stressed and don’t take a moment to relax and enjoy yourself when you can. You do not want to burn out early on, so it is important that you stay flexible when adjusting to your schedule.

Lastly, keep in mind that new schedules are difficult to adjust to and you do not need to keep your current routine exactly as it is. Feel free to adjust it to make it work for you with minimal stress and difficulties.

Making a routine that is ideal will ensure a quicker adjustment; use resources like Prevagen to get more tips.

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DE Shaw Offering Strict Non-Compete Ultimatum To Employees

The world of hedge funds is one of the most competitive in the financial industry. It is not uncommon for hedge funds to make employees sign strict non-compete contracts. Now, one quant fund is giving the ultimate ultimatum to their current employees, “sign our new non-compete agreement or leave.”

The hedge fund in question is the $50 billion-dollar quant fund DE Shaw. The company recently sent out a memo to its current employees. In the memo, the employees were given up until the middle of September 2019 to sign a new non-compete contract. If an employee fails to sign the new non-compete contract, the employee will be terminated. However, the employee would be able to keep their deferred compensation which they would normally forfeit.

According to the senior managers at DE Shaw, this new non-compete is designed to bring the hedge fund in line with other hedge fund industry practices. As a $50 billion-dollar algorithmic hedge fund, DE Shaw has a huge incentive to ensure that their employees don’t run to the competition with any corporate secrets.

So why is the Mid-September date so important? That is because recently departed DE Shaw executive Daniel Michalow’s non-compete happens to run out in Mid-September. This would give the former fund manager the green light to raid current DE Shaw employees.

Now DE Shaw insists that the date of the non-compete ultimatum is coincidental to the expiration of Mr. Michalow’s non-compete. However, it is hard to believe that these two dates just happen to coincide. It is expected that most current DE Shaw employees will remain with the hedge fund. However, this type of non-compete only underlines how critical it is for hedge funds to hold on to their current talent.


Karen And Brian Salle Are having A Positive Impact On Their Portion Of North Carolina

The Salle family is well known in their region of North Carolina fro bringing high-quality skills and experience to whichever business sector they choose, particularly real estate and internet-based marketing.

Karen and Brian Salle have not only looked at the different ways they can improve their own business opportunities, but they have sought to make sure the local community also benefits. Karen Salle has focused the majority of her efforts on the North Carolina markets while Brian Salle has been willing to bring his skills to a range of different companies.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of the Salle family has been their willingness to open up their work in Southern Avery County, North Carolina to members of the local community. As real estate professionals, Karen and Brian Salle understand how important access to the latest technologies is to the residents of any new development.

The Blackpoint at Linville Falls development owned and managed by Karen Salle is located in a slow internet area that has limited the business and leisure opportunities of the local community. Understanding their own real estate development will benefit from an upgrade to broadband speeds, Southern Avery County is now getting a major internet speed boost.

The Salle family has invested over $300,000 in the internet upgrades along the IP SkyLine/SkyBest. It is not a doubt that the Salle family would look to innovate to improve their own prospects and those of the local community. Brian Salle has already made a career of this with his decision to establish the internet marketing company, The Salle Group that filled a gap he identified based on his own SEO experiences.

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Privinvest Shipyard Holdings in Germany, France Part of Global Operation

In 2010, the international shipbuilding group Privinvest purchased its third shipyard in Germany, the Lindenau shipyard located in Kiel. Privinvest also previously purchased the HDW-Gaarden shipyard, also in Kiel, and the Nobiskrug operation in Rendsburg. The three-yard complex is today known as German Naval Yards Kiel.

The acquisitions were part of Iskandar Safa’s aggressive strategy of building capacity and infrastructure on his way to putting together what is today one of the world’s premier shipbuilding firms.

Iskandar Safa established Privinvest in the early 1990s along with his brother Akram Safa. Iskandar was born in Lebanon in 1955 and earned a degree in civil engineering from the American University of Beirut.

Shortly after the founding of Privinvest, the company was selected by CIRI to purchase the CMN (Constructions Mécaniques de Normandis) shipyards located in Cherbourg, France. The operation was struggling and facing deep financial difficulty at the time. Under the leadership of Mr. Safa, CMN turned around and soon became a robust and profitable enterprise.

The CMN shipyard today is considered by industry observers to be among the most advanced and well-managed firms in its sector. Thanks to the injection of capital and expertise by the Safa brothers, the 68-year-old CMN company has produced 700 ships supplying 38 navies. It’s noted for the cutting-edge and technologically advanced surface combatant vessels it provides in a range of models.

The German Naval Yards Kiel is also a prolific builder of military ships, especially frigates, corvettes and offshore or littoral patrol vessels. Nobiskrug is primarily dedicated to superyacht construction and the Lindenau yards handle repair and maintenance operations.

In addition to Germany and France, Privinvest holds shipyards in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. In all, the group has supplied ships to 40 world navies. Privinvest employs 2,500 people worldwide. The firm also is active in building high-tech gear ancillary to maritime activity. This includes advanced communications equipment and products for the green energy sector, such as turbines and hydrokinetic energy generation systems.

Life Insurance Advice From HCR Wealth Advisors

Whenever a person is looking prepare for retirement, one of the things that should be considered is how to ensure financial security for the family. One of the things that can be done to secure a family’s financial future is to get life insurance. Life insurance can provide comprehensive coverage for a family. Life insurance can help to prevent financial problems for survivors after the death of a loved one. Clients who are looking to learn more about life insurance are able to consult with the knowledgeable professionals of HCR Wealth Advisors.


Getting a life insurance policy has a couple of benefits besides providing coverage for one’s family. With a life insurance policy, a beneficiary will be able to get proceeds that are exempt from income tax. This will lower the tax burden for those who receive an income from the policy or a large cash payout. Depending on the type of coverage a life insurance policy provides, the policy proceeds may be subject to an estate tax. HCR Wealth Advisors can provide more details about the tax implications about the estate tax and refer a client to other professionals such as a certified public accountant.

When deciding to get a life insurance policy, a person will need to decide whether to get a term life policy or a permanent life insurance policy. Both types of policies provide lots of benefits and sufficient coverage. However, they have differences. With a term life policy, the coverage is for 10 to 20 years. After this time period, the coverage expires. Anyone looking for income replacement will benefit most from this policy. A whole life or permanent life insurance policy provides coverage for things such as debts and funeral costs. This is valid until the policyholder dies. Upon death, the family will receive the proceeds of the policy.

HCR Wealth Advisors provides comprehensive financial advisory services to a variety of clients. The firm offers investment management, retirement planning and college savings plans for its clients. It serves many different types of clients which include high net worth individuals, business owners, individuals and families. For over thirty years HCR Wealth Advisors has established a reputation as being one of the most trusted firms in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

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ClassDojo App Goes Beyond Just Collaborating Activities

It is that time of year again, kids are starting to get back into the everyday school routine after their long summer break. This year, things might seem a little different in the classroom, especially if your child’s teacher has decided to integrate the ClassDojo app as part of the children’s daily learning routine.

This app is a communication platform for school that can be used both in and out of the classroom by the students, teachers, and even the students family to help make a difference in the way the student is learning and socializing. The ClassDojo app goes beyond just collaborating activities and making fun animated videos, the possibilities are endless as to everything that ClassDojo offers.

Created in 2011, ClassDojo’s purpose is to give teachers a different way to engage their students along with their families. The app uses the steps of traditional learning along with encouraging some new ideas and helping to create a new energy in the classroom that will make learning fun for children.

The company’s even has a new revenue- generating app called Beyond School. Beyond School is able to be purchased by parents for some at-home access to their child’s educational content along with activities that will take learning beyond the classroom.

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