Sharon Prince is Transforming Grace Farms into an Oasis of Peace and Pleasure

With its peaceful sceneries of rolling vistas, interesting natural spectacles at every turn, and beautiful backgrounds of nature’s gifts, the Grace Farms offer an unbelievable natural experience. Occupying more than 80 acres of conserved natural lands, the state-of-the-art cultural haven purposes to stir considerate introspection, informative conversations, attain unpredicted outcomes, and create a sense of togetherness among people of different backgrounds. A team of competent staff at Grace Farms generates opportunities for education, activity, motivation, and community involvement. One of the highly anticipated annual events within Grace Farms is Earth Day. This year’s fast approaching event will sum up the significance of restoring wilderness, establishing conducive environments for wildlife to flourish, and preserving ecosystems and infrastructures required to help native species go back to their formerly abandoned homes.

In this year’s Earth Day, Grace Farms will collaborate with The Nature Conservancy to organize expert-led debates and insightful sessions, family-oriented activities, and other unique programming tailored to celebrate Earth Day. Visitors will enjoy all these special adventures on April 27, 201, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Earth Day has metamorphosed into a yearly tradition at Grace Farms respected by all visitors as well as staffs.

Sharon Prince in Brief

Sharon Prince is the president and chairperson of a private operating foundation called Grace Farms Foundation. This foundation began its operations in 2009 and leverages engagement with community, nature, justice, faith, and arts to improve lives. Ms. Prince steered the dream of Grace Farms, a new form of public space shared by not only individuals but also non-profit entities, and she contracted SANAA to design its complementary River building. Grace Farms opened in October 2015, and since then, it has transformed into a place where peace and grace converge. It has bagged many accolades for contributions to environmental sustainability, architecture, and social good.

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How Isabel dos Santos on How Africa Can Utilize Technology to Be Empowered Economically

While it’s not the only measure of success, the uniqueness of being one of the world’s billionaires can be claimed by a small number of individuals. At last count, the exact number of approximately 2,000. Being a varied group in the world’s wealthiest people, it’s also limited with some respect to a particular kind of diversity. One person that’s highly respected in the African continent for having made it to the list of the wealthiest billionaires is Isabel dos Santos. She hails from Angola and is the first daughter of Jose dos Santos, who served as the president of the state from 1979 to 2017. In a report by Forbes, Isabel dos Santos is one of Africa’s wealthiest women. In fact, she is the richest of them all. The report also indicates that she amassed her wealth from companies she invested in after serving in them for more than five years.

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De Angola para o Mundo 🇦🇴🌍Não podia ser mais verdade mesmo… Nossa Luandina, nascida no Bom Jesus, percorreu dois continentes e é agora reconhecida internacionalmente: produto de alta qualidade. Esta é a confirmação de algo que sempre defendi e passei às minhas equipas: o que produzimos em Angola é top, de qualidade mundial. Temos de atingir os padrões que o nosso país merece. Na Sodiba conseguimos. Aqui está o nosso Gold Award, um prémio da Luandina para todos os angolanos. Bem hajam 🙏🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Sodiba #Work #Success #Angola #Luandina #SuperBrands #proudlyangolan #madeinAngola #GoldAward #MondeSelection From Angola to the World 🇦🇴🌍 It could not be more true… Our Luandina, born in Bom Jesus, has crossed two continents and is now internationally recognized: a high-quality product. This is the confirmation of something that I’ve always defended and passed on to my teams: what we produce in Angola is top world quality. We have to meet the standards our country deserves. At Sodiba we did it. Here is our Gold Award, an award for all Angolans. Thank you all 🙏🏾

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Isabel is also the 9th wealthiest individual in the continent. As she will often tell young girls and emerging business professionals from various parts of the world, becoming successful hasn’t been easy for her. It took tremendous hard work coupled with resilience, particularly in a world that’s dominated by men. Isabel dos Santos made her wealth and fortunes by investing in media, retail, finance, telecommunications, and energy sectors. She is well aware of what it takes for someone to be successful in business and entrepreneurship.

Isabel dos Santos will also tell you how stigma has been affecting the success possibilities of various individuals residing in Africa. She holds that women in different sectors have been marginalized simply for being females. All too often, they are defined as the weaker version of humans. She understands that it’s vital to empower such individuals especially when it comes to ensuring that they have access to viable resources to support the growth as well as the development of their business. Besides, on many occasions, at her request for an assistant, a man has been sent to take up the job. She understands that for women in Africa to economically impact the world, they should be supported by others who have been in the same position in the past. To help these individuals, Isabel dos Santos has been engaging in various mentoring sessions with youthful African women. She mostly initiates these sessions in Angola, her home country.

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Matt Badiali: Financial Expert

Matt Badiali is the leader of Real Wealth Strategist. This is an email newsletter about finances. Matt Badiali is also a financial analyst who is known for his understanding of finances throughout the world. One thing he has spoken about, in particular, is his interest in Cannabis stocks.

Cannabis Stock Potential

Matt Badiali is all-in when it comes to marijuana stocks. He has talked a lot about the importance of timing when it comes to these stocks, and in fact, to any stocks. As a result, the stocks related to cannabis are of particular note due to the current timing events at play.

For example, currently there’s a unique timing opportunity. The federal legalization of medical marijuana is a major event. It means that the sales of cannabis for this purpose are likely going to skyrocket. A consequence of this means that stocks related to these sales will likely reap major benefits in the near future.

If you leap on such stocks now, you have an advantage compared to other people who haven’t necessarily realized this yet. You also gain an advantage if you aren’t dissuaded by the controversial nature of the decree by the government. Regardless of personal beliefs, the direction that the U.S. is going remains rather clear. Financial investment means that you will be ahead of the game and you will be able to get in at the bottom level in a way that others will not since they are being slow due to personal bias.

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Marijuana Millionaires

In short, the point that Matt Badiali is trying to make is that an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars is now taking off, and investors that jump on the opportunity here will stand to make an enormous amount of money. It’s a “once in a lifetime chance,” according to what he wrote online in various places.

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US Money Reserve Discusses The Removal of the Penny

The United Kingdom has recently looked to make changes pertaining to its fiscal policy and currency. This recent change has also influenced the United States which may be looking to changes part of its fiscal policy as well.

The United States may discontinue one of its most common units of currency. It has contemplated eliminating the penny within the next few years.

By eliminating the penny, the United States will no longer have this unit of currency in circulation. The main reasons why it has looked to remove the penny is because of the costs of producing it as well as the overall demand.

One of the reasons why the penny may no longer be in circulation is because of the costs. The United States mint will need to devote a considerable amount of financial resources in order to keep making the penny.

Due to a number of factors such as demand and modern technology, there is less incentive to produce the penny. As a result, the penny may be one of the first physical currencies to be discontinued. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

Another reason why the penny may be eliminated from circulation is because of the demand. Most people use debit cards and credit cards in order to complete financial transactions.

With credit and debit cards, they are not as likely to use physical currency anymore. Therefore, the penny will no longer be necessary for people to make purchases and make payments for products and services.

US Money Reserve is a company that specializes in selling precious metals products to consumers. Founded in Texas in 2001, US Money Reserve has produced a number of precious metals products such as gold coins, silver coins, and platinum bars.

With all of these products, investors have been able to take advantage of a reliable source of obtaining valuable assets. Over the past several years, US Money Reserve has updated its selection to include commemorative coins. It has recently developed coins that were made in honor of world leaders and former presidents.

Since being founded in 2001, US Money Reserve has also been providing resources that can help educate and support consumers who purchase precious metals.

The company offers a number of materials that customers can use in order to get a better understanding of the precious metals markets. It also provides support for those who are seeking guidance on how to manage their new asset allocation of precious metals as well as finding out when to invest in the precious metals as well.

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Alec Sellem Attends the Energy Law Conference in New York

Recently, Alec Sellem attended the United Nations conference in New York involving mineral explorations and mining experts. The event focused on energy laws in Africa while he specialized in leading a topic on human rights in developing countries. The main objective included the environmental issues arising from energy development and exploration from natural sources in Africa.

Alec Sellem was invited to join the event by the Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University based in Paris, France, and the United Nations to participate in the topic. He mentioned that he was passionate about the concern of human rights in the probe of energy, and natural resources in Africa and the accompanying impacts to the environment. The conference primarily focused on different actors on energy generation in Africa, laws governing Africa’s energy policy and the resulting consequences.

The main objective was, therefore, to evaluate the general effectiveness of the laws of the existing energy regulations and propose significant aspects to better the resulting outcomes. The conference consisted of two panels; the first panel discussing the human rights and the second involving with environmental perspectives. More so, both groups concluded the event with an open question and answer session as it allows participation of the general public.

About Alec Sellem

Alec Sellem is a mining specialist, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sellem Industries Ltd, gold mining company based in London, England. Born in France, he received his primary studies in Switzerland and lived much of his life in Africa. As the founder, Alec Sellem established the company with a strategic vision and engaged in joint partnerships with other energy firms and professionals. Sellem Industries operates jointly with other recognized trade operation facilities in Africa and Latin America through Private Public Partnerships in protecting port activities. Alec Sellem is an enthusiastic individual in security techniques and technology and has founded multiple startups before founding Sellem Industries.

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How to Market in a Digital World

New products are being marketed to the masses differently due to digital and social mediums. Since there are various products entering the market on a daily basis, it is important to find ways to stand out. The top brands have recognized the importance of allowing the customer’s needs to come first and actually listening to what the customer has to say. Any company that does not do this intentionally will have to deal with the consequences of having a floundering business. It is important when introducing any new product to the market that people understand why they should care about the product and what makes it unique.

Steve Lesnard believe there are definitely things that can be done to ensure a product is noticed. One thing that can be done is keeping things as simple as possible. By keeping things simple, they will be more memorable. Overcomplicating things can cause people to lose interest because they feel like they will never be able to figure everything out. So it is important to have a simple way to communicate things, just like Apple did with their 10k songs in your pocket iPod campaign. Businesses should not just keep it simple for one thing. They should continue doing that to render the best results.

Steve Lesnard’s second tactic for making sure a product gets noticed is bringing it to life to create a realistic effect. Video marketing is an incredible way of making things realistic. Doing video could include testimonials of people actually using the product. It is one way to create an even better storyline for a product. It connects people to the brand in a more efficient way.

By doing these things businesses can help their business to have the best chance of having success and being around for years to come.

Edwin Miranda and His KOI IXS Company

Edwin Miranda is the man behind the inception of KOI IXS Company. This company is a full-service agency aimed at increased performance. The company is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The primary purpose of this company is to meet all the marketing needs of its clients concerning research and performance tested results. This company, therefore, is a marketing firm operating on data collection, in-depth research techniques to make the clients on the top of their competitors. This company can create the best marketing platform to meet the targeted audience by the client.

Edwin Miranda serves as the founder and CEO of this company he founded when he was only 21 years and has grown the company for some time now. He has achieved all these because he has employed the best time with a highly talented team with creative, marketing, designing skills and those with stratification skills.

This company offers several services aimed at the digital ecosystem, performance and optimization and innovation, and strategy categories. Each category has sub-services that clients have to pick the ones that fit their desires. Through teamwork, therefore, the team under Edwin Miranda has moved several milestones and made the brand trustworthy.

His advice to the other entrepreneurs

According to Edwin Miranda, for a person to succeed, they must pursue their dreams. They should also possess the right skills to perform the desired tasks then surround themselves with the right people, skilled and creative ready to change the world. He also tells them not to be thwarted by the impending or existing challenges but to move on.

The managers should also work together with the team under them to bring ideas to life. They can only achieve this by impressing everybody in the team and regarding them equal. They should be outward focused in their endeavors.

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Equities First Holdings Australia – Offers High-Quality Financial Services

Equities First Holdings have received worldwide fame due to the range of financial services it provides, especially the securities-based loans. The securities based loans can be highly helpful for enterprises that are struggling to get a loan from a bank. The bank loans are available for sure, but it has stringent eligibility criteria, and if you do not meet it, it would be difficult for you to get the loan. However, if you own visibly traded stocks, Equities First Holdings would provide you the loan you need. These loans are very useful if you need a loan fast and for a short period of time. You no longer have to wait for long to get the loan amount in your bank.

Equities First Holdings have offices in many different cities across the world that holds commercial importance. In Australia, there are offices in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. It has made it easier for the residents and companies in Australia to get access to securities-based loans with ease. If you are looking for some cash inflow in your business, but don’t want to wait in the long queues at the bank or have a poor credit score and find it difficult to get the conventional loans, rest assured Equities First Holdings would come to your rescue.

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Tim Ioannides Shares His Insights on Dermatology

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist that runs his cosmetic specific clinic. He started his career working at a dermatological clinic under supervision. While working there, he realized the importance of cosmetic procedures in the lives of the clients. Most patients that visited the clinic did not seek medical treatment.

Most of them wanted cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance or conceal blemishes. He realized that cosmetic procedures were crucial in the market today and decided to venture into the business. At first, he combined both cosmetic procedures and general treatment to keep the business afloat, but he, later on, specialized in cosmetics. Giving people the appearance they wish to portray gives them confidence and even gets them accepted in society.

why he started Treasure Coast Dermatology

After founding Treasure Coast Dermatology, Tim Ioannides invested his time and effort into making sure that the company took off. After many years of diligent work and effort, the dermatological clinic is now successfully running. In a recent interview, Tim Ioannides shared his reasons for starting an independent practice as opposed to joining one that is already in existence. He explained that he enjoyed dermatology to help patients that struggled with skin cancer find the best care. After working in the field for a few years, he realized that he did more cosmetic procedures than medical procedures. He concluded that he would not be truly fulfilled if he did not pursue the market niche that was at the core of dermatology.

When asked how his professional background affected his role as the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, he replied that entrepreneurship and medicine had many things in common. Both fields required precision in decision-making, and there was limited room for error. He found that the two fields we codependent and his experience in medicine created a firm foundation for the foundation of Treasure Coats Dermatology.

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Isabel dos Santos’s Inner Intuition for Business

Isabel dos Santos has been in the African business industry for quite some time now, and in that time, she has grown to be one of the most successful businesswomen of the modern era. Not only is she the current richest woman in all of Africa, but she was the very first to ever become a billionaire. Reaching that status was an important milestone for Isabel dos Santos for many reasons.

Firstly, she was told all her life that she would never be able to accomplish such a feat. When faced with so much negative attention, it is only natural to soon learn how to deal with it. However, this was not necessarily enough to entirely nullify all the voices that stood in opposition to seemingly anything she would do. It was as though they disliked her simply because she was the daughter of a president and that much allowed her to start off her career rather wealthy.

Regardless of these voices, once Isabel dos Santos became a billionaire, they could do nothing to pull her down from that success. There is a tremendous glory in reaching that status; even if you were to try all your life, you would have trouble spending that much money. This is why Isabel dos Santos does not fear for her financial security. She has plenty saved away and at the ready for any situation she could be faced with, and because of this, she is able to focus entirely on her businesses. When she is allowed this freedom, her creativity opens up tenfold, and her businesses thrive.

Thriving is the best way to describe all of the companies that end up interacting with Isabel dos Santos on some level. When they meet her, it is as though she is like a good luck charm to them. Of course, the truth is actually the reverse of this. She is simply an individual who is able to find the talented businesses and raise them to the glory that she believes they deserve. Because of her intrinsic instinct for finding talent, she is perhaps one of the most desirable figures in business today.

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