Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing has decided to respond to the numerous action calls which work to have the company develop ways in which they can make property titles accessible in a seamless manner. In the recent past, property titles were more defective. The saddest part is that the people who have little knowledge about this ordering are the ones who are hit worst by this property plague. For this reason, we might have noticed that the process of securing property titles should be made with the keenness of the mind. Nationwide Title Clearing has decided to launch a new online website which allows people to access the property reports through an online ordering form.


One of the leading causes of concern in the real estate environment is the defective titles. For this reason, they have gone a long way in determining the undetected causes which work to defeat the people’s intelligent manners. In the recent years, we have also seen the rise of the wrongful foreclosures in the mortgage industry. This is one of the worst nightmares happening to the new buyers in this industry.   As a matter of fact, they also lay a major contribution to the stagnation of such business which is considered seamless.


According to Nationwide Title Clearing, they understand the importance of these property titles more than anyone in this field. This is the reason why they decided to revamp the new online website to develop a better way of accessing the property titles without defects. For you to avoid the risk of the buyback, ensure you use this tool offered by the company and have the most immediate results in this business. Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the largest document-processing societies in the United Sates. According to the company, their main mission is to have the best process take its course or root facility in the real estate environment. The company has launched their new website which allows people to access their real estate property records and titles in a seamless manner. In while title defects have a major occurrence when someone has a claim on a property which does not belong to them, there are also several factors contributing to this issue.

Magnises – A Social Spending Club for Millennials

There is a new black card in town: Magnises. It is many things in one: a medium of payment, a go-to guide for millennials, and a portal to a networking community. Here is how one man’s ingenious idea is set to revolutionize how millennials spend on their social lives.

More than a Credit Card

Magnises looks and works much like a credit card, but it does more than a typical credit card would. It was founded by Billy McFarland, himself a millennial with a liking for social spending.

According to The Guardian, Inspired by American Express high-end cards, Billy McFarland realized that he could put a magnetic strip on a metallic card and invented Magnises. Essentially, the card takes up the user’s credit card’s data and is used to pay just like the latter. However, it is its perks that make it stand out.

Magnises tracks a user’s social expenditure and finds the best deals for him/her. It provides recommendations on virtually anything: great clubs and restaurants, awesome trainers, discounted sales, and virtually anything to do with social expenditure. To this end, the card helps its user to save on social expenditure while also getting leads to the best spots.

A Black Card for Millennials

There is no age limit for who can own a Magnises black card, but it is mostly associated with millennials. This is because 85 percent of all its members are aged between 21 and 29; McFarland himself is aged 24.

What’s more, the idea behind its inspiration is that perks offered by other credit cards are not relevant for millennials, most of whose social spending is substantially more than the older population’s.

However, its membership is fast growing and anybody is welcome. However, users must first reach certain requirements.

Becoming a Member

During its debut, Magnises accepted members only through referrals. Today, however, anyone can join through the card’s website but must first undergo vetting via a phone interview. There is also an annual membership fee of $250.

Currently the card has only about 1,000 members in Washington D.C. and New York. However, Billy is planning on expanding to other cities and states as his invention continues gaining popularity.

Anthony Petrello’s Perspective Angle

Since 1991, Anthony Petrello was the Chief Operating Officer of Nabor Industries til 2011. He later got a promotion to Chief Executive Officer and President in 2011, and he holds this position to date. Mr. Petrello also referred to as Tony offers strategic direction and planning to Nabor Industries.

He has garnered a wealth of knowledge while working in the oil and gas industry as well as experience while running the company. Nabor Industries provides other companies with oil contract driller services. Currently, the firm holds 500 operating oil contract rigs, and in recent advances, it has ventured into shale fracking.

Mr. Petrello runs the firm’s operations that are in 25 nations spread all over the world. He is behind the numerous contract acquisitions that Nabor Industries has won over the years. He primarily makes the final decision on which firms to purchase, and the impact on which purchasing them will add value to his prudent vision.

Mr. Petrello has grown a positive and strong reputation as a CEO. His work proficiency is in the way he collaborates with his executive staff, his choice of candidates to recruit for the management team, as well as the way he communicates his visions and goals. Mr. Petrello also has an international reputation of inventing new strategic ideas for Nabor Industries and following through them to completion. He is also responsible for negotiating new contracts and ensuring the existing ones run smoothly. Nabor Industries stock has increased by 180% since Anthony Petrello became the Chief Executive Officer of the firm.

As a philanthropist outside the office, Mr. Petrello is lauded for his generosity. Anthony Petrello’s philanthropic work is mostly vested in the medical field and ignited by having a disabled child. The disability came as a result of being born prematurely at six months and weighing a pound; their daughter got diagnosed for PVL or periventricular leukomalacia.

Despite Mr. Petrello having to endure with the situation, he didn’t allow his misfortune to bring his spirit down; instead, he accepted the fate and became active about infant health conditions. Anthony Petrello began learning about cerebral diseases and providing financial assistance. Up to date, he has donated almost $7 million towards the research of neurological diseases to a Texas Children Hospital research center.

Sam Tabar Named COO Of Full Cycle Inc

Sam Tabar has acquired vast experience in the fund management industry. He has served as the Head of Capital Strategy for an American Bank; Merrill Lynch. The New York-based capital strategist has a brilliant educational background. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a degree in law. He was named as the Chief Operating Officer at Full Cycle, a company which is geared towards shifting the industries towards cost saving and earth-friendly fuels. At his current role, Sam Tabar is responsible for developing the managing strategies for the funds of the Company.

With his experience and stellar track record, he will be bringing big things on board the energy firm. Sam has spent years working as a hedge fund strategist for big groups such as PMA Investment Advisor; based in Hong Kong, and the SPRAX group. This gave him ample time to perfect his business strategies in the Asian markets.

Appointing Sam as Chief Operating Officer is a move that is going to give the company a seasoned professional in the important sectors of law and strategy development. He aims to help the company to impact the world by promoting fuels that do not pollute the environment. His remarkable portfolio is further complemented by his vast experience in various markets in the world. Sam Tabar has worked in different nations in his career has learned several languages as well.

Sam is an attorney by profession, having gotten his degrees from the Oxford University and the Columbia School of Law. This plus his profound experience in management of Hedge Fund makes him perfect for his role at Full Cycle Energy Fund. He will bring experience and astounding expertise on board the company’s management and help it impact more on the global community.

Securus Technologies Gives Response To GTL Claims

When companies have disputes in the business world, there are a variety of ways that the disputes can be handled. In most cases, the companies will be able to handle the disputes in private behind closed doors. This is the best way to handle disagreements in the business world.


Sometimes the disagreements turn out to be misunderstandings that can be easily settled through communication. However, there are times when disputes cannot be settled easily. While it can be difficult to settle disputes, the discussions behind closed doors in private make it better for both companies.


One of the mistakes that is made by some companies regarding disputes is to decide to make the disputes public. When companies take disputes public, it creates a different situation. Once disputes are taken public, the chance of coming to a resolution regarding the disputes is significantly reduced. The aim should always be to find a way to solve disagreements without going public.


Recently a dispute between Securus Technologies and GTL went public. The dispute concerned a disagreement over technology patent rights involving technology that was utilized by the companies.  Also, GTL made claims against Securus Technologies related to the technology patent right issues.


Eventually Securus Technologies responded to the claims made by GTL. The response was done through a press release. Securus Technologies made it clear that the company felt GTL made claims that were not based on merit or accurate information. In addition, Securus Technologies pointed out each aspect of the claims that it felt were inaccurate.


Securus Technologies  has been a leading provider of technology products and services for many years. The company has an outstanding reputation in the technology industry.

FreedomPop Helps Families Starting Out On A Budget

Freedom pop is a new phone service that has fantastic new deals and free phone service for customers. Freedom pop offers plans that start at free. Free voice minutes and free text come with every free plan. Each individual has the choice to sign up for free usage or for cheap unlimited usage. The plan is a great way for a young couple on a budget to afford necessary phone service without breaking their pocketbook.


Young couples begin their lives with minimum wage jobs and little expenses. When they need to hunt for new jobs they are required to put down a phone number so that the employer can contact them for an interview. If the young couple is unable to afford the high cost of phone services they may miss out on a job opportunity. This is because they may not be able to afford a phone so they will miss the call. With Freedom pop, this same young couple can afford free phone service so they will always have a place for potential new employers to call.


The parents have the choice of free service or unlimited for less than 20 dollars a month. Parents are opting for the free phone service because it provides them with a way to locate their kids 24/7.


Through Freedom pop, the customer can access the freedompop review and a five dollar a month hotspot for internet service. The customer will have no contract to worry about and will not pay for shipping costs of the phones. Freedom pop works with Sprint towers so the coverage is great and so is the network. Anyone that purchases this service can access the 4GLTE service if it is in the area you live in.


Phone plans are available for customers that purchase the Freedom Pop phones. Anyone can begin with the 200 voice minutes and 500 texts. The 500 MB of data is also part of the free plan. If you find you need more phone calling minutes you have the opportunity to add up to get the unlimited service plans for only $19.99 per month. This allows customers to access unlimited phone voice and text minutes. Tablets are available to use on this service and are also available on the Freedom Pop Website.


How Jason Hope Is Changing The World Through Technology And Philanthropy

Technology is a pillar that describes the modern world of business and every successful business has invested heavily in the specialty. Those with the skills like Jason Hope have also chipped in with support to help upcoming entrepreneurs manage their ideas and get better support that can allow them to build their businesses. Through a project that helps young entrepreneurs, Jason Hope offers them an opportunity to submit proposals with details about the ideas they want to get funding for. If proved worthy, the idea is passed to investors, who then offer funding to push for its development.

Jason Hope graduated from the Arizona State University with a Finance degree and later proceeded to the Carey School of Business, where he acquired his M.B.A. With these skills and experience as a technologist, Jason Hope has been working on developing new systems that are targeted at enhancing the way humans interact with their environment.

Additionally, Jason Hope is inspired by the great stories young entrepreneurs post after presenting their ideas to his team of investors.

Take on Technology

His passion for developing exciting applications and modern systems has exposed him to problems of various kinds. He is a creative individual who is activated by the desired to pursue a challenge and overcome problems regardless of their magnitude. His resilience and dedication has been a key factor towards development and he is ranked among successful entrepreneurs who have stepped up to support those who need urgent services to build their lives. Most of the applications he supported were in health and built to enhance the well-being of the users.


Giving back to those in need is something Jason Hope supports enthusiastically. He gives cheerfully and has always encouraged different philanthropic organizations to engage him in whatever support they would need. Jason Hope works with several philanthropic bodies and has continued to come up with new programs that are geared towards enhancing the access to support among the needy and those in marginalized regions.

He also seeks to use technology, such as social media, to reach more people who are in need and to offer them opportunities to build their lives and restore the lost glory. Seeing the smiles of those who cannot afford vital amenities drives happiness into his life.


James Dondero’s Career and Service at the Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management is one of the United States’ leading companies that offer investment management services. The operations of the firm have been licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Highland runs its business from Dallas, Texas but it has opened divisions in cities such as New York, Seoul, Sao Paulo, and Singapore.

The firm has gained recognition for being among the world’s leading credit managers. It oversees assets that are estimated to be worth $18 million. The fields that the company has majored in are alternative investments and various credit strategies such as collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, and exclusive situations equity. Learn more about James Dandero:

The customers that mainly use the services of Highland Capital Management are governments, endowments, foundations, public pension policies, and funds for funds.

The firm is proficient in the services that it offers. It makes the clients trust it throughout the investment process. This has led to the formation of healthy client-manager relationships

Highland Capital Management began in 1993, and it was established by James Dondero and Mark Okada. James currently heads the company and has been overseeing all it investment plans. He has been working in the industry for more than three decades, and this has enabled him to acquire ample experience in the administration of investments.

He has excellent management skills and has led funds to win awards. An example is the Global Allocation, which was named as the winner of the Morningstar’s five-star.

James Dondero acquired his excellent investment knowledge from the University of Virginia where he studied finance and accounting. He has exceptional knowledge in the industry and holds titles such as Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

Crunchbase reported that the American Express was the last employer of  James Dondero before creating the Highland Capital Management. He is the CCS Medical Corporation, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare’s chairperson and sits on the boards of the MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Cotemar Mexico: The hero behind the silent petroleum revolution in Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is more than a Mexican company. It is the protagonist behind the silent petroleum revolution in Mexico. This has made a huge contribution to the oil & gas industry in the country and abroad with its impeccable service quality on and standards along with a wide variety of services.

Cotemar Mexico was established in 1979 as S.A. de C.V in Mexico that had a specific goal of developing the oil sector in the country with its support services on The company provides a wide array of services to the Mexican oil industry, and its services include but do not include to Accommodation and Catering, Specialized Maritime Vessels Services as well as Construction, Maintenance, and Engineering services to develop and sustain oil fields in the sea. Cotemar Mexico played a vital role in the success of PEMEX in their offshore oil field development projects through their specialized vessels. In addition to developing and supporting petroleum operations in the country, Cotemar Mexico also provides services to a number of oil giants around the globe. Hence, this 100% Mexican company is truly a global leader.

Since its inception, Cotemar Mexico was driven by its core values derived from its mission and vision aimed at providing state of the art services to the oil and gas productions process at a global level and ensure sustainability through increased participation in the production process on This is why; this company has developed a massive infrastructure with a huge pool of skilled manpower to support each and every requirement of the offshore oil and gas sector. In addition to building and maintaining oil and gas extractions platforms in the sea, the company also provides specialized vessel services including transport of staff and equipment.  In addition to these, they have a huge network of suppliers across the globe through which the company provides all sorts of support services to a number of global scale projects.

Cotemar Mexico has always focused on ensuring sustainability in every aspect of its operation at  For the same purpose, the company has built up a massive workforce who are highly skilled and experienced in their profession. Also, they are always focusing on developing a workforce in different fortes including engineering, catering, project management, administrative and much more. Working in Cotemar Mexico is truly a great opportunity for the staff as they get to work in a challenging and rewarding environment at the same time.

Wireless Companies Should Beware Of FreedomPop And Their Low Prices

Many wireless companies have the idea that because they are popular that many customers will flock to them for services, but low prices are what runs the market these days. No other wireless company knows how to keep prices low like FreedomPop, and this is why FreedomPop has continued to thrive over the years. After introducing the free cell phone service, FreedomPop went on to create more services, including the unlimited everything plan that comes with unlimited data, talk, and text messages for only $19.99 per month.


Many companies will find every and any reason to jack up their prices, which is why a lot of people have turned their back on their previous cell phone provider to go to FreedomPop. There is hardly a FreedomPop review that can be read that doesn’t state something about the cell phone services because they are such a popular commodity at the company. With different phone services ranging in price from being free of cost all the way up to $20, who wouldn’t want to join to become a FreedomPop customer?


There is a paid service plan for $10.99 from FreedomPop, and this service includes unlimited talk and text messages. The data on this plan is 500 MB, so those who are in need of extra data will have to consider the usage of their data. Anyone who wants to receive data for free can choose to complete offers from FreedomPop or can use Wi-Fi services. FreedomPop also has their own Wi-Fi for those who have no access to Wi-Fi of their own. The Wi-Fi service is only a flat fee of five dollars per month.


Using the Wi-Fi services from FreedomPop puts customers at an advantage because they can use it for their cell phone services exclusively, which means that all of their texts, talk time, and data will be used through the Wi-Fi service. Since the service only costs five dollars a month, that’s all that the user will need to pay to continue using FreedomPop services on their cell phone when they use the Wi-Fi service.  Since the data is limited to 500 MB, there are ways to add extra data to the plan.