Philanthropy by James Dondero

On most days James Dondero finds himself busy focused thinking of ways he could aid Dallas consortiums. Not long ago, James made a considerable donation to Dallas zoo. He felt philanthropic when he heard about the fateful story of the hippo habitat. In 2001, Dallas Zoo management shut down the hippo turf in the zoo. To them, it didn’t seem necessary to keep the rest of the hippos after Papa’s death. This decision angered the residents of Dallas, even if it remains shut for about two decades. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.


The residents of Dallas wanted the zoo rebuilt so that they could enjoy the hippos with their families. Because of this, they wrote letters and called to complain of how they wanted the zoo back. Finally, the management decided it was time to reopen and revamp hippo habitat once more. The administration rebuilt hippo outpost, and people are now flocking to the Dallas zoo to watch them in action. According to CEO of Dallas Zoo Gregg Hudson, restore of the hippo has attracted more guests to the zoo.

James Dondero touched by the love the residents have for the hippos; he decided to give away $ 1 million. Due to this charitable opportunity, the zoo named a sector of the habitat after Mr. Dondero’s company, Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero’s generous aid now allows people to preside private events at Highlands Capital retreat. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.


James Dondero loves to use his money to improve Dallas community. He also holds so much love for the community as a whole. Due to this, he gears all his philanthropic commitments to offer financial help whenever the Dallas community needs a push. Besides contributing to the zoo, James used his firm to grant funds to the Perot Museum of Natural science, as well as on the Education is Freedom charity. Through his financial debt firm, he has also been able to award cash the Presidential Library and Museum.

Mr. Dondero is an excellent example of a man devoted to philanthropic deeds. We see Successful outcomes in a wide range of organizations because of his vision and financial power. Today, James Dondero stands as an influential force among Dallas Residents.