Raffaele Riva building international success through diverse investments and ventures

A man with goals, ambitions, and ability to meet and exceed them is rare. Raffaele Riva believes in focusing on solutions to problems that many may find hard to solve. His many experiences in business have equipped him with the ability to make the best business decisions. He is purpose oriented, and this has made his ventures successful internationally.

He is highly experienced and knowledgeable.

Riva values his clients, partners, and always takes the first initiative to make things right in cases of misunderstandings.

Riva has attained academic credentials in various universities, gaining adequate knowledge in law, financing, management, and other very relevant fields.

Raffaele Riva has spent over a decade working to see his investment career successful. He focuses on the initial stages of investment opportunities that show promise. He has spent time looking for startups and investing in them. He has managed to help companies grow successfully.

He has diverse investments providing diverse services.

AUREA Multi-family office is one of Rivas successful investment. It has enabled him to create numerous regulated companies like Milano Fiduciaria, Aurea Consuleti Associati SA and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA.

These companies mainly provide wealth and asset management services, accounting, auditing, and financial services. If you are looking for any of these services, Raffaele Riva ensures your satisfaction by being a constant contributor to their successful smooth running.

Becoming an angel investor has earned him a good name and has given him experience in handling startups. He will invest in your business, and unlike most investors, he will still be involved in decision making and take part in the heavy lifting.

Raffaele is based in London where his success story has given him a chance to enlighten young entrepreneurs in concerts and webinars.


For success in international business, Riva keeps thinking positive. He is open to learning and gaining new knowledge and is open to taking the risk. A lot can be learned from Raffaele Riva and adopted for success.