Real Life Lessons In A More Realistic Environment.

If you are looking for a more personalized learning experience for your child, Teach To One may be the program you need. Teach To One is a learning model that has been active for about 10 years and is still getting attention from students, parents, teachers, school districts around the nation and philanthropists.

The core of the program is innovation in the method by which students learn math. Traditional looking classrooms are out in favor of floor space called centers that are designed for larger groups of people. The center may hold 2 or 3 typical classroom sizes of children along with enough teachers to accommodate them.

This floorspace is divided off into different sections that deliver different curriculum to students during the day. When one portion of learning math is done, music starts playing (instead of an annoying bell) that indicates it is time to move on to the next phase of learning for that day, reports by

According to wordpress, these students are all given personalized learning schedules at the start of each day that is tailored to their skill level and how quickly they are picking up on their math studies. So instead of one classroom, one teacher and one way of learning you have a more fluid and active environment from which students can better learn based on where they are in terms of skill in the area they are learning.

The Teach To One program is a shift away from the state accountability based programs that typical public schools use, and moves towards an academic growth based mindset that dictates what and how a child learns. In other words, Teach To One does not teach children to pass a test. Teach To One teaches children math that can be used in real life applications. Less algebraic equations that most will never use and more studies such as how to balance a check book, how to calculate interest and how to budget you household income and expenses.