Returning Hippos

The hippos are back at it again and happier than ever before in their new outpost area within the Dallas Zoo. Did you know that it had been more than 15 years since this zoo has had a hippo arena or even one hippo in it? In fact, since the death of a very loved hippo at the zoo, people have felt unready to place new hippos in the zoo – until earlier this year, when James Dondero made a generous donation, and everything changed.

James Dondero, President of HCM – otherwise known as Highland Capital Management – made it all possible when he donated $14 million to the fund. Dondero is a man of influence power. He is obviously a man of uncapped earnings as well.

This proud CMA and CMA is also a chair member for many boards. He analyzes. He collects. He advises and consults. He’s done it all.

This waterhole habitat comprises 120,000 gallons of fresh water for the hippos to enjoy. It comes next to their beautiful new 2.1-acre outpost. It’s often hard to decide who it is that enjoys this new zoo addition more – the hippos, the zoo staff or the paying customer. Perhaps it’s even Dondero himself, a man who derives a sincere zoo from every one of his unique philanthropic efforts. He loves to see the end result of his work, and this time it smiles at him in the look of each customer and hippo.

As a result of the new outpost construction, the Dallas Zoo has likewise seen the growing influx of customers on a daily basis, especially during the spring and summer seasons. Those faithful Dallas residents who had not seen a hippo in years could not be happier in having their wish come true. In turn, they have spread the news all over social media, and more people have paid to come and see the hippos. The zoo employees were happy with the new addition as well as it offered them a new area of challenge and expertise as well as a break from the routine.