Securus Technologies Keeping Corrections Officers Safe

Each time that I leave my home to make the drive to work at the local prison, I know that me and my fellow corrections officers are going to be right in the line of fire from the second we walk into that facility. To put down our guard for even a second could result in serious injury, as those cunning inmates are looking for any opportunity to lash out and make a name for themselves.


We have learned that these inmates have all the time in the world to study the routines of the officers, and then try to game the system to their advantage. Not only are we outnumbered, these inmates know the facility and its workings better than we do because they spend more time inside. Our team is always looking for new resources that will give us the edge in keeping the peace and not allowing the inmates to think that they rule this facility.


Securus Technologies was recently asked to install their telephone monitoring system in our facility, and little did we realize at the time it would be like adding a dozen new officers to the front lines at our prison. Securus Technologies already has the same monitoring system in thousands of jails in the country, and the CEO of the company says his employees are dedicating themselves to making our world safer. None of us realized at the time how this Dallas-based company could help, now we can’t see how we worked so long without their assistance.


The LBS software is capable of listening to all the calls the inmates make on the prison phone, and it can identify chatter and alert my team instantly. This gives us the ability to not only get ahead of the problem, but to stop it from happening in the first place. Now if a fight, drug use, or hiding of weapons is mentioned, we take swift action to eliminate the threat and maintain overall security.