Sharon Prince is Transforming Grace Farms into an Oasis of Peace and Pleasure

With its peaceful sceneries of rolling vistas, interesting natural spectacles at every turn, and beautiful backgrounds of nature’s gifts, the Grace Farms offer an unbelievable natural experience. Occupying more than 80 acres of conserved natural lands, the state-of-the-art cultural haven purposes to stir considerate introspection, informative conversations, attain unpredicted outcomes, and create a sense of togetherness among people of different backgrounds. A team of competent staff at Grace Farms generates opportunities for education, activity, motivation, and community involvement. One of the highly anticipated annual events within Grace Farms is Earth Day. This year’s fast approaching event will sum up the significance of restoring wilderness, establishing conducive environments for wildlife to flourish, and preserving ecosystems and infrastructures required to help native species go back to their formerly abandoned homes.

In this year’s Earth Day, Grace Farms will collaborate with The Nature Conservancy to organize expert-led debates and insightful sessions, family-oriented activities, and other unique programming tailored to celebrate Earth Day. Visitors will enjoy all these special adventures on April 27, 201, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Earth Day has metamorphosed into a yearly tradition at Grace Farms respected by all visitors as well as staffs.

Sharon Prince in Brief

Sharon Prince is the president and chairperson of a private operating foundation called Grace Farms Foundation. This foundation began its operations in 2009 and leverages engagement with community, nature, justice, faith, and arts to improve lives. Ms. Prince steered the dream of Grace Farms, a new form of public space shared by not only individuals but also non-profit entities, and she contracted SANAA to design its complementary River building. Grace Farms opened in October 2015, and since then, it has transformed into a place where peace and grace converge. It has bagged many accolades for contributions to environmental sustainability, architecture, and social good.

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