Sharon Prince Receives A High Level Of Well-Deserved Praise For Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is the founder of the Grace Farms Foundation, and she is the president and chair of the private foundation. She created the foundation in 2009, and she operates Grace Farms in CT as a non-profit nature reserve.

Her mission was to establish a public space where visitors can engage with nature, arts and faith. The reserve is a peaceful place for people to come and gain perspective on their lives and, equally as important, their faith. Grace Farms offers acres of natural surroundings, the wonders of small species of animals roaming freely and respectively designed architecture.

Sharon Prince took great strides to raise awareness in the construction industry with her undertaking at Grace Farms. She was committed to the goal to reduce the use of forced labor. This is largely found in the manufacturing process of building materials and products. Professionals of stature in architecture, design and engineering were brought in to create the architecture in Grace Farms. The project proceeded without“slavelabor”and with responsible sourcing in mind.

Sharon Prince is an entrepreneur whose focus is on sustainability and the social good. She built Grace Farms Foundation for good of the society as a whole. Grace Farms provides an environment where solace and peace prevail in a world where these emotions are often overlooked. She opened Grace Farms in 2015 in New Canaan, and it has been a welcome addition to the community.

The 80 acre property is a work of art brought to fruition by Sharon Prince Grace Farms and the Pulitzer Prize award winning design firm Of SANAA. With an amphitheater that seats 700 people, Grace Farms hosts an array of year-round cultural activities.

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