Smita Shah: Encouraging Women To Be Strong Entrepreneurs

Smita Shah, founder of SPAAN Tech, Inc. is a female engineer in a male-dominated industry. She found success, but instead of coasting along and the fruits of her hard work, Shah is dedicating herself to empowering women to succeed in careers typically held by men. 


Shah feels there are not enough female role models for women in certain careers and for women who want to become entrepreneurs. She points to the fact that there are female business owners around the world so there is no reason why women can’t run a business. Not all women are cut out to run a business, but neither are all men. It takes a good education and dedication to establish a successful business. Shah’s educational credentials are impressive; she has attended Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University. 


Shah tells women they have to believe in themselves. If they respect themselves, others will as well. She also tells women they have to be proud of their skills. Society often encourages girls to be feminine and boys to be assertive. Shah feels women have to develop the same assertiveness as men in order to compete in the business world. Women have to ensure they always make a good first impression. Dressing in business attire makes people see you as a businessperson while dressing like a typical woman will make men see you as a woman, not an equal. 


Shah also feels women shouldn’t strive to be so accommodating. Getting everyone’s coffee may seem like a nice thing to do, but it reinforces a sexual stereotype as a woman being the secretary, not the boss. Men will only treat a woman like their superior if she accepts to be treated the same way a man would in her position. Learn more:


Besides being the founder of SPAAN Tech, Smita Shah is also the president and CEO. SPAAN Tech is an engineering firm willing to tackle complex issues by developing alternative solutions. Shah is a recognized industry expert and a frequent public speaker. She’s received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which recognizes American citizens who freely share their knowledge with others. Shah’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship in women is widely recognized.

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