Smith Shah’s practical advice for emporwement in the workplace

In 1998, Smith Shah founded the company SPAAN Tech, Inc. Its operation is an engineering company that provides other possible solutions for critical and challenging technical project. Ms. Shah is now the the President of the company and it’s now recognized by Inc. Magazine as One Of The Fastest Growing Companies. Ms. Shah is considered as an industry expert with influential
business leadership and as a high profile keynote speaker. She’s often quoted in the local paper, national and international media. Ms. Shah is also known for committing her time to nurture entrepreneurism and innovation. She’s and advocate for the rise of small businesses in emerging industries. She also takes the opportunity to embrace mentoring young professionals and inspire future leaders.
Smith Shah has put together what she considers the best practices for women empowerment in the workplace. Her first rule of thumb is believing in yourself. She believes in a healthly self-image is very important for female entrepreneurs. The skills that you have acquired in your current position are worth of respect regardless of the long road ahead of you. When you respect yourself, good
things will follow.
Her second piece of advice is thoroughly examining your ability. As a female entrepreneur, she’s often mentioned believing in your ability is just as essential as believing in your inherent worth.
The third is having and exerting a strong presence. In society or the world of business, how you present yourself is crucial. It can mean everything. As the saying goes, first impression is the last impression. Therefore, first impressions are generally almost impossible to overcome. It’s important the moment you meet someone new, you generate a lasting impression that’ll determine the course of your relationship.
Her fourth is to not let anyone else take the credit. It’s common for women to be generally passive; however, if you let others accept the credit, you’ll never prosper in the workplace.
She recommends having short-term goals as her sixth tip. Don’t focus on past mistakes or worry about the future, because it’ll rob your energy which you may need to succeed with the task at hand. Ms. Shah believes every day you spend in your profession provides you the opportunity to learn more about your capabilities. As a result, it’ll help you accomplish your business endeavors.

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The final recommendation is taking cultural factors into account. Women may serve different roles in different societies. To succeed as female entrepreneur under these accounts, Shah believes you need to be bold in order to get out of your comfort zone.

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