Steve Lesnard – The Release of FUTURELIGHT

The North Face has finally unveiled the final product of their new material line, FUTURELIGHT. The model release comes after months of discussions and news articles that released information on this new material of usage. Moving forward, the North Face will include this material within the makeup of all product lines they release in their outdoor wear lines. This material is said to be the lightest ever to be included in a jacket or coat. The use of proprietary technology and multiple field tests to create a material that wicks away moisture and is light on the body is revolutionary for space.

The move came shortly after the announcement to move Steve Lesnard to the head of the marketing department for the company. Lesnard was involved in many different start-up campaigns and with other successful business ventures throughout his career. The partnership stemmed this release a few months after inception, creating a lot of buzz around the production value being released from the company. The North Face has been a strong competitor in the outerwear field for a number of years, only facing a few competitors that could subdue some of their product releases.

With FUTURELIGHT becoming the main target of future ventures, the company looks to skyrocket its fourth-quarter numbers. The increase in business and production comes right before the holiday season, a prime release period for any company. If projections remain consistent with early releases and projections, the company will outsell the competition with ease. The future for the North Face looks bright with Lesnard at the helm. It is only a matter of time before Lesnard takes his collective brilliance to newer heights to set the dial for success on the North Face and the future of outerwear.