Successful Venezuelan Businessman Talks Relationship Between Self Improvement And Entrepreneurship

In order to have a successful business, you must learn to adapt and improve not only in your business, but in yourself as well. One person who knows this all too well is Venezuelan businessman Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. He has worked in leadership roles through many organizations throughout the world and has learned all about the correlation between self improvement and running a thriving enterprise. In a article for, Betancourt Lopez uses his experiences to bring this perspective to other entrepreneurs.

In the article, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez mentions that his business philosophy comes from his great-grandfather, former Venezuelan President Hermogenes Lopez. Alejandro talks about how his great-grandfather went from a farm-worker with a limited education to a successful businessman in the electric and railroad industries. He never met his great-grandfather, but Alejandro talks about his influence on him by inspiring him to take on multiple roles in various industries.

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The article primarily focuses on the steps that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has taken in using change and self-improvement to help his own businesses. The first step he says is to just start out with some sort of goal and direction. Betancourt Lopez also says to take strategic steps forward and do not be afraid to fail and make mistakes. He also mentions getting a great support group around you and be able to learn and grow from them. He also says do not be afraid to embrace change in both your business and personal experiences.

Bentancourt Lopez also states that another way to use self improvement towards helping your business is to accept praise for your business’ successes, but also to accept the blame for the failures as well. He also says to take time, smell the roses and and not to not take anything for granted. A big self-improvement tip that Betancourt Lopez mentions is to not be afraid to change course if things do not work out. Finally, his biggest tip is to continue to develop your skills and grow and learn.

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