Guilherme Benchimol – A Brighter Brazil

The economic downtimes of the stock market crash of 2008 hit many communities with new levels of hardship. One country that was impacted more than the rest in Brazil. The Brazilian faithful were already reaching low terms of involvement in their local stock markets, seeing their numbers decrease steadily from year to year. Guilherme Benchimol had already established a positive residency within the country with his XP brand. Up to the point of the crash, the business had been fluent for him and his representatives. His company pointed to some of the major areas of influence that the market held, investing in teaching over pure advertisement techniques. Once the market crash hit, Benchimol was left searching for answers.

Benchimol took a sole venture to the United States, seeking some solace in the recent departures of involvement that his company was experiencing. Benchimol knew that the crash had impacted all regions of the world, so he wanted to gain first-hand knowledge of how these companies were keeping up with these changes. He attended a trade conference that featured the speaking talks of one, Charles Schwab.

Benchimol took much from the conference and learned of new procedures that he could work into his brand reprise once returning to his home nation. The goal was now centered around the attention that banks were placing on savings accounts.

These accounts could only guarantee a small sample of return as in times past, marking the access point Benchimol needed to fund his reprise. He began to teach people the importance of basic findings into stock market success and sharing these approvals with his customers.

The brand is now one of the national leaders in stock market involvement and looks to have Brazil’s market back on track for an upraise that hasn’t been seen in nearly 20 years.