Clement Perrette is a Philantropist Concerned About the Ocean

Clement Perrette is a businessman and well-known philanthropist. He has a deep passion for ocean preservation and recently wrote a book called, Call of the Blue. His book contains stories from over 100 people who are fighting to conserve and protect the oceans. Some of the stories are from scientists and well-known celebrities. Call of the Blue is 344 pages long and contains 300 unpublished color illustrations. His book covers plastic pollution, turtle egg poaching, overfishing, and many other topics threatening the oceans. He is also working on a film series to raise awareness for cetaceans and their impressive intelligence and social behavior.

Clement Perrette is a proud supporter of 1001Fontaines. This charity has been in existence for 15 years and has installed 200 safe water production sites. They also trained local villagers on how to run them and turn them into social businesses. These sites have created 600 jobs and now over 500,000 villagers and 400 schools have access to safe drinking water. Clement Perrette is a supporter of Synchronicity Earth, an organization that addresses overlooked and underfunded conservation issues. They are currently trying to preserve the Congo Basis, because it is second largest rainforest. There are mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibian’s living there that are worth protecting. They also want to protect the indigenous people over there.

Clement Perrette has spent 25 years employed in capital markets. He is currently a Senior Fund Manager at RAM Active Investments. Before working at RAM, he worked at Barclays Capital as Head of Investment Function and Managing Director.

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