Gulf Coast Western

Texas’ Gulf Coast Western is Changing the Oil and Gas Industry for the Better

A new gas and oil company has been shaking up the gas and oil industry in a great way. By focusing on properties geological and geophysical advantages and well-developed structures, Gulf Coast Western searches for companies that have a high level of return potential as well as a quantified downside risk to its affiliates. As the Managing Venture of gas and oil partnerships, Gulf Coast Western combines talent, resources, and industry expertise in order to acquire and develop domestic gas and oil reserves located near the Gulf Coast.

Meet the CEO

CEO Matthew Fleeger is highly revered for his innovative strides in the gas and oil, tanning, and waste management industries. In particular, he is heralded for his expert incite in contract negotiation, team building, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship. Before becoming the CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger founded successful companies such as MedSolutions, which versatile holding company that specializes in the transporting, treatment, and disposal of medical waste from healthcare companies. After serving as the CEO for 13 years, Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle Inc. a company that remains a leader in the industry to this day. Additionally, he was also instrumental in founding two major tanning enterprises, whose combined revenue was a whopping $100 million.

Gulf Coast Expansion

Gulf Coast WesternIn addition to acquiring domestic gas and oil reserves on the Gulf Coast, Gulf Coast Western is also preparing to expand beyond the United States. With more than 1,000 collaborations across the country, GCW continues to push forward while also focusing on its core values of ethics and business integrity, which has led to an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.